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Best IEMS under 100?

  1. TheSilverCrow
    Thanks guys, it looks like the GR06 is the best IEM under 100 but i can't get it off of amazon. Looks like i'll have to try to convince my parents to get an eBay account :p
  2. OmarCCX
    If you're set on amazon, give the Etymotic HF5 a look. I think they're still $99.99.
  3. musicinmymind
    [​IMG] 25% off

    Monster Outlet Store coupon: 25% off headphones, speakers, and more

    Monster Outlet Store takes 25% off select headphones, speakers, and more via coupon code "friendsandfamily25offx2012". That's the best percent-off discount we've seen for outlet products at Monster. Shipping adds $5.95, or spend $99 or more to qualify for free shipping. A best bet is the refurbished Miles Davis Tribute High Performance In-Ear Speakers, model no. 132704-00, for $149.95 before the above coupon, $112.46 after. With free shipping, that's $23 under our February mention of a new pair and $187 less than the lowest total price we could find now for new ones. They're designed to showcase the acoustics of jazz and come in packaging modeled after Miles' trumpet case. A 90-day Monster warranty applies.

    These normally sell for 300$ now 112$
    and these are bass monsters
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  4. Techno Kid
    I ordered a pair earlier even though I don't need a new IEM but thats just to good to pass up.
  5. TheSilverCrow
    Sorry guys, got the VSonic GR06 :/. Thanks for everything!
  6. OmarCCX
    Hey man, enjoy them! They're amazing.
  7. papaverhybridum

    will be the model trumpet?
  8. Techno Kid
    The set thats $112 are the Miles Davis Tribute not the Trumpet's, its would still be cheaper to get the Trumpet's from Amazon and not Monster's site.
  9. happy5930
    anybody else have the VSONIC's and want to offer a more elaborate reviewal?
  10. JayOTheFirst
  11. hitme987
    Get the meelectronics A161p, the best bang for buck IEMs for its price (99$) also with an inline microphone. ClieOS as well as many head fi reviewers rated it well..

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