Best IEMs under £50 for bass and no fatigue.
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May 25, 2020
Luton, Bedfordshire
I am looking for a good pair of wired in-ear headphones which will be in my low £50 budget. My preferences are:

-Plenty of bass (more than average of both mid and subbass but not so much everything else is gone).
-Recessed mids (I don't like it when the vocals sound shouty and "aggressive").
-Most importantly: Highs and mids which aren't too distorted or by any means even slightly fatiguing or sharp (I am treble sensitive). Sibilance is also a no-no, unless its very little.
-Minimal sound leakage so the music isn't heard by others as I will be using them out and about.

Another important factor for me is good instrumental separation so the sound isn't too congested, a good soundstage is a huge plus but isn't a priority.

And yes I know these are very strict preferences for such a low budget.

I currently have SoundMagic E10s, which have a fatigue-free sound I love, but they have a low output volume and lack bass, which was a huge let-down for me. I also had CX300iis from Sennheiser, although I liked the bass I found they were slightly fatiguing in the mids and had no separation at all.

Thank you for the advice.

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