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Best IEMs for under $50?, are the Soundmagic pl21s/pl50s all that great?

  1. eldus
    Greetings all,
    I am in search for a decent pair of IEMs under $50 USD with sound quality being the strongest stipulation. I currently own a pair superlux HD668Bs( which I love ), and a pair of sony Mdr ex10lp s. The latter are the one's I am seeking to replace.
    The genres that I most often listen to are: psych/prog rock, classical (which is a pretty broad term), some hip-hop and electronica , 80s rock, 80s pop, orchestral rock, dream pop, new wave, and the list goes on.   They will be primarily used with my rockboxed sansa clip+ and fuze, and my laptop( nothing fancy). 
    I enjoy some bass, but i am in no way a 'bass head'. I truly enjoy all aspects of the audio spectrum, but a present but controlled low end extension, nice, lush mids, and not too bright but 'defined' highs. With an over all detailed analytical sound with a decently wide sound stage.
    Iv'e read about the PL21s being "amazing", but what are your experiences with them ( if any ) esp. in reference to the ex10lps( again if any ) or even the pl30s or 50s
    Any and all input will be much appreciated.
  2. eldus
    In my mind, the soundMagic pl50s seem pretty nice. Is the Bass extension good? ...do you guys have any other ideas?
  3. voxie
    Hi Eldus, check out the Rockjaw "Alfa Genus". Might be up your street re pricing and SQ. 
  4. eldus

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