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Best IEM's for House/Electro Music? (No set price)

  1. kootie
    Hey guys,
    I've been looking around the threads on these forums for close to 3 hours now and still can't really make a decision on which in-earphones to get!
    I mainly listen to house/electro music but do dabble occasionally into rock,pop, chillout, etc.
    So I guess I'm looking for in-earphones that will be more bass heavy - Price is no issue, however something under $400 would be great :)
    Can you guys please recommend me something? And please, something that the majority of the forum users agree on or like! :)
  2. Berkovajazz
    Try Westone 3, Sennheiser IE8/80.
  3. Beatbox
    I had your requirements exactly (albeit a tad more budget-restrained). I got really helpful advice on my now-defunct thread, but the main competitors were:
    Atrio MG7 (won), 200$ price, you can find it online for 100$ since it has a special discount. "Bottomless bass... not only powerful but punchy and accurate and doesn't bleed into the mids like other low tiers dynamics do."-joker
    It is supposed to have really really really good bass that doesn't overshadow anything else.
    FX700 (mine were FXT90, but the FX700 is like a better version of the FXT90): supposed to be energetic and balanced... also a dynamic
    TF10: Classic phones but not really for bassheads... people here dream about them at night... not kidding. (10$ a TF10 fan will **** bricks because of my bass comment.)
    Yamaha EPH-100: Supposed to be really good: EXTREMELY long appreciation thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/577712/yamaha-eph-100
    But all these are under-budget really...
    BTW, 200$< is the price range where the phones become much more expensive with significantly less sound improvement. Bang/buck nothing beats the above price range. ALTHOUGH this is based purely on what I've read on these forums and not personal experience.
  4. Cakensaur
    try Etymotic ER4 orrrr JVC FX700. The JVC IEM's are the bassier of the two.
  5. kootie
    Hey guys,
    Thanks for the input, just looked through all of them, the atrio seems really good.
    However I was wondering I'm also into aesthetics as well - Was wondering if there are any recommendations with a similiar sound quality, however, with a metal frame instead of plastic or wood? (I guess someone might recommend Monster Turbines Gold/Copper, however I don't really like Monster anymore after experiencing their beats headphones.. lol!)
  6. Cakensaur
    I cant think of many that are made of metal :p is it an absolute must? sennheiser IE80's i THINK are metal but don't take my word for it.
    you can get shure se 425 se535 in a metal casing. although the 425/535's arent basshead IEM's really.
  7. kootie


    Nice, Thanks - I'll definitely check the shure ones out! (I don't like Sennheiser for some reason haha).
    Anyone else got any recommendations? Any help would be fantastic!
  8. Watagump
    Cardas had some at CES that are made of metal it seems, prices are $325 and $425. Not sure when they will be out though.
  9. 5370H55V
    I don't have a recommendation, but I prefer plastic housings to metal ones due to weight issues. When I had the monster copper pros they felt like they were almost pulling out of my ears because of their weight. After getting pfe 232's with plastic housings they felt lighter and the fit was much more comfortable. I'm not saying metal casings are bad, just that you should add weight and comfort into consideration.
  10. kckc


    Shures are excellent IEMs in their own right, however I don't think they go very well with the genres you listen to. 
    You're eliminating some of the 'phones that you may like very much (sound-wise) such as the IE80, FX700 and MG7 based on aesthetics. The FX700 for example, has great craftsmanship and build quality. 
  11. archy121

    Yamaha EPH100's may seem cheap from their price tag but they have enough class to punch into top tier especially for EDM. I also had similar requirements & initially snobbed them because of there low price.

    They are metal construction and best fitting/isolating of all dynamic drivers. Great for gym & commuting. Bass is strong & punchy, great clarity without earaching highs & to top it all 3D like immersive soundstage that is parictularly incredible with EDM. I've also got TF10's & IE7's and they are no match for EDM/Hip-hop/Rap.

    You won't regret it even though you may buy another if you hang around these forums. :rolleyes:
  12. Nintendam

    The MPTG's are great (they shouldn't be associated with the beats at all), but the JVC FX700 is wayyyy better... in every possible way (minus isolation, but the sound is so worth it)
    had the golds for about 8 months, upgraded to the FX700 a couple weeks ago and they are simply stunning (lots of dubstep and house music, incredibly rich and powerful bass)

  13. archy121
    I considered the FX700 too but held back for couple of reasons.
    Can't really wear FX700 whilst commuting, driving etc because of poor isloation
    Can't jog/gym with them as the are heavy, shallow fit & poor isolation again.
    No warranty really after importing in from Japan
    No changeable cable
    Seems to me FX700's require too much babying. Good to sit & listen with at home in a quite environment.
    All that for $350.
    Go & take a look at the Yamaha EPH-100 thread as more impressions coming through lately.
    The Aesthetics
  14. ZARIM
    The Sony EX1000 uses dome type dynamic drivers and they are amazing to reveals hidden details yet still sound full and dynamic with deep punchy bass and wide soundstage(sounds great with above genres music). The Sennheiser IE8/IE80(wide soundstage, deep punchy bass and crisp, clear mids, highs), SM3, EQ7, PFE232 are also recommended.
  15. JonnyRocket
    I listen to mostly Drum&Bass and techno, i would highly recomend the Sennheiser IE8's or if you want the brushed aluminum look go for the Sennheiser IE80's. The Monster Turbine Golds are great for bass too. They have that deep rumbling sound you find in a theater. The soundstage is smaller and the highs aren't quit as detailed as the IE8's though. I like the fit of the IE8's, the wire goes behind your ear and they are light enough to where I can wear them jogging or to the gym. The turbines weigh a lot for IEMS and even when wearing the wire behind my ear I still had problems with them falling out. I also own a pair of Diddy Beats. I would not recomend them or anything in the beats line unless you can get them for half the price. I mainly use mine to talk on the phone.

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