best IEM's for around $80? What to get?
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Aug 17, 2007
I'm looking for something that I can use in pretty loud enviorments, because I have the pk1's which I love for listening at my house or somewhere quite but for louder places they are somewhat hard to hear. What would be a good COMFORTABLE IEM that tends to have a good fit in most ears. Thanks.
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I'd suggest anything that can use the Shure black foam tips. For the all the people that use them here I hear very few complaints about comfort.

That would be ER6i, Westone UMx, Shure SE110, etc, etc.
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UE SF3 for about 60-70$, they are pretty good in isolation and their sq are better than the lower shure line.

x2 on that, but the fit is a little different. Some people are fine with it and others hate it.
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Add this to the list: ER-6 (but only if you have a headphone amplifier)
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I am having trying to get an earphone around 100 also, I am thinking about se110($80), se210($120), and superfi 3($65).Which of these is best in performance/fit/cost?
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forgot to say it would be nice if they worked well with my minibox-e. Also I would like pretty good bass as well. And preferably something that will be a little forgiving with hip-hop because I mostly listen to hip-hop, and electronica.
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I'd kind of like something that really wouldn't rely to much on an amp. I like having the pk1's with the amp most of the time, and I'm just looking for a decent pair of IEM's under $80 with nice bass and good for hip-hop/trance.
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Makes sense. As noted, the 616s sound pretty good, and no amp required. Under $80 is tough in the IEM area, at least since I have never owned a Shure or UE. Not much knowledge. I liked the er6i, but found them a little too small, and they seemed to have filter problems a lot, more than the ER4P, for example. And that can get expensive.

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