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Best IEMs for around $300USD?

  1. didikay
    hi there
    ive been searching for a pair of decent iems for quite awhile now.
    the only ones that really grab my attention are too expensiv eg. ie8, triplefi 10pro etc
    so i was just wondering if there were any iems that sound just as good but cost far less?
    im a casual listener, listen to electro house and trance.
    im definitely not an audiophile but i can tell some difference between headphones
    currently i have a pioneer hdj2000 which i find too big to carry around hence the reason why im looking for a iem
    any suggestions would be appreciated
  2. gnarlsagan
    If you can wait until the end of Nov. The UE TF10's usually go on a $99 deal. I've missed the past two years. :frowning2:
  4. KimChee
    TF10 wait for the Amazon deal, it was dead that morning by 7-8 tho.  I think I'll pick up a backup set to use with my remolded TF10s.
  5. didikay
    so u guys rekn tf10s are the best? i can wait till the end of the year if the prices drop that low lol. can anyone tell me the diffrence between tf10s and tf10 pros? i cant even seem to find the tf10 pros on logitech site yet they cost twice as much. would anyone recommend IE6 or IE7? i prefer abit bassy headphones but not too much of it. the last iems ive owned were the sony mdr ex500's. would the tf10 be alot better?
  6. eclipes
    how about the um3x? but i do think the TF10 are bang for buck tho. I just couldn't wear it properly. Westones are extremely comfortable to wear for long hours. 
  7. didikay
  9. didikay
    hey how are the ie8s? are they worth their price? im very interested in the ie8s seen many positive reviews about them. let me what they are like it wouldbe appreciated !!
  10. khoi14021993
    The ie8 is most famous for its bass and decent soundstage, but personally I don't like it. For value, I think the TF10 is better IMO
  11. ZARIM
    The Sennheiser IE8 are great sounding IEMs with huge soundstage (out of head) and has good deep, punchy bass. But it's only safe if buy from authorized dealers because there are so many fake IE8 available on online stores.
  12. Berkovajazz
    What about Vsonic R07? They are great for all kind of music.
    For example W4 just a little better than R07, imo:wink:
  13. stacey
    I got mine for $295 back in January. Granted this was because I worked at Macworld and Sennheiser gave me a 50% discount for it (along with some Adidas sunglasses), but still, it's far lower than the list price. As good as they are, I most certianly wont pay $400+ for them.
  14. stacey


    That, and it's really difficult to tell the IE8 apart from a fake on, besides listening to them,and by the time you do, it's already too late.
  15. Selenium
    You can get the Sony EX1000 for around $300 now. It's excellent.

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