BEST IEMS for Analytic Sound!
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Aug 19, 2006
I would like to know the best iems for analytic sound. I have 2 CK7s & love the sound signature alot (analytic).

What iems out there have an analytic sound signature?

I have a Sennheiser PX100 over the ear portable headphone & the sound is just too warm & laid back for my tastes although they are good for portability use i just don't like the sound signature.

Any comments or suggestions appreciated. Good, Bad or Ugly!
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what price range are you looking at?

if its something like under 200 maybe look at the er4p?
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I am currently deriving way too much happiness from my hf5 (my first good IEMs). Too bad you missed the $100 sale, but if you are willing to spend $150, then I would still suggest them (coming from limited experience, so take my recommendation with a grain or salt).

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Originally Posted by jonathanjong /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Or ER-6i if you're looking for smth below $100.

++ I think ER6is are great IEMs for neutrality and accuracy for under $100! I even prefer them to UE 5 Pros and Westone UM2s for sound quality when they are amped.


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How about Audeo PFE?

They are fairly neutral, but most definitely not analytical - they just sound too lively and lack micro detail for analyzing music IMO. I would recommend to give Head-Direct RE0s or some ATH-CK10s a try.
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x100 for ER4P. Not just analytical and detailed, but also incredibly balanced, fast, fun, and musical. Buy without regrets.
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Buy ER-4P and then buy the impedance adaptor to change to ER-4S, if you'd like to.
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Originally Posted by insyte /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Why? ER-4P is actually said to be the better sounding one and you can get an adapter to make it an ER-4S.. can't make an ER-4S into an ER-4P
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ER4P for sure. nothing really comes close for analytical sound. not really my favourite and I dont know if i'd call it natural, but if you want to hear a snail fart at 100 paces these guys are your best bet.

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