Best IEM under 75$
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Feb 6, 2011
Hey guys I'm looking to buy a pair of IEM I would like them to be portable as I do go to a gym. I have a few in mind including
Fischer Audio eternas
Soundmagic PL30
ProAlphas, M1
M1 Brainwavz
my music taste includes acousti,metal,rock,rap some classical! I would like somethign fun and detailed as I'm going to be working out with them almost daily
open for lots of suggestions Thanks a lot guys
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I just received my fischer audio eternas yesterday, I'm still burning them in. I've been listening to them for rougly 5 hours though. It clearly beats my M6 that i bought 2 months earlier; its superior in every way. both are bass heavy headphones which will work good with rock, metal, and rap.
The M6 are really good for the price though. I got them for 20 bucks on amazon. I think they should be good enough, if you're planning to only use them at the gym. M6 stays on my head better when i workout.
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Another vote for the Fisher Audio Externas, I actually ordered a pair + Sony Hybrid tips today for use in the gym + everyday wear.
If you want to do a bit of reading, all those IEMs are reviewed and ranked here:

you sure like to call them eXternas 


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