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Best IEM under $50

  1. xYoshix
    Hey everyone, I was looking for some in-ear headphones to listen on the go. I want them to have vocals as clear as possible, if would be awesome if they were bright-sounding. Anyone offer me some help? :)
  2. buke9
    KZ ZS10 would be my choice.
  3. serman005
    And they would be mine as well.
  4. harry501501
  5. harry501501
    You get more for your buck with many asian sets of which you can get real value from well under $50.

    ARTISTE DC 1 for one is tremendous value.

    Sets like the KZ ZS10 as mentioned are very well received. I've had many KZ sets, the KZ ZS5 being one of my favorites. The ZS sets are known for being bright
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