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Best IEM under $350? (Massdrop Plus, Orion, New Primacy, PA BE)

  1. energeon
    Hi, so I'm looking for a new pair of IEMs. My last one was the Westone W10 which I felt needed a bit more bass.

    I've done some research and pretty much shortened it down to either the Massdrop Plus, Campfire Orion, Oriveti New Primacy or Periodic Audio Be.

    Can anyone give some suggestions on which one I should pick? Thanks!
  2. Rackhour
    If you’re open to other suggestions, I would like to recommend the Etymotic ER3XR, or the flagship 4XR which costs a cent under $350.
  3. kukkurovaca
    Massdrop Plus has a really nice sound signature (neutral with mild bass emphasis), but the cables and tips are awful, and it's very sensitive to source impedance.
  4. serman005
    I prefer the Orion personally.
  5. yong_shun
    I didn’t have the chance to try all other models except Orion. Campfire Orion is always one of my favourite IEM. Very spacious and amazing micro details presentation.

    Campfire Audio uses a very good cable as their cable. The accessories make the IEM more worthy. Do consider Orion!
  6. energeon
    Does that mean the build quality isn't great? I commute a lot so there might be some abuse on the cable but I would like a relatively strong one.
  7. kukkurovaca
    Yeah, the cables have a high failure rate (seems like a lot were DOA in fact) and don't actually seat securely in the IEM. The foam tips disintegrated in my hands when I tried to put them on the IEMs.

    Cables aren't that expensive to replace, of course, but it's annoying and makes the Plus a less appealing value proposition for sure.
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