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Best IEM tips?

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  1. Edric Li
    Can someone educate me on how to buy the Final tips online in US?
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  2. BananaOoyoo
    Never ordered from here before, but this HK seller seems to offer free shipping over $20 (https://www.mtmtaudio.com/products/final-e-type-eartips-for-earphone)

    Alternatively, if the E1000 goes up for sale on Amazon (~$25ish), you could pick that up and get 5 pairs (one for each size)
  3. Omega139
    Does anyone know where I can buy Sedna and Ortofon tips in the USA?
  4. Spie1904
    I have personally had massive issues getting a proper fit and most importantly comfortable fit..Up until now... I just removed the orange foam out of my symbio w eartips and boy oh boy is this comfortable..so much I am looking at returning my cascade and maybe upgrading to a Solaris as my one and only driver.

    Apparently symbio also sells without foam nowadays and I have to say that is really the way to go for me and I 've never been this happy with IEM's..
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  5. Leexu
    I use se846 and tried many types of foams/tips, and end up with Shure yellow foam. It has the best clarity and balance to my ears.
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  6. Hifi2jungle
    Has anyone of you guys ever tried spinfits cp100 z with JH Audio Layla universal? Do the fit?
  7. Tybot
    I use SpinFit CP100 (M and L) with Layla and they fit well.
  8. corgifall
    Spinfits are my all time favorite. The size always seems to be one up from what I normally use. I usually sit between a medium and large and the medium spinfits are in between a normal medium and large ear tip.
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  9. Dobrescu George
    I was fiddling with Campfire Atlas right now, and MAN, does CP100S from Spinfit hit the spot, like lotion for calloused hands :)
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  10. halcyon
    I'm still firmly in the foam tip camp. I have had more than 30 different foam, silicon and gel tips. None of them ever work for me, regardless of size, material and length unless they are foam.

    This is especially true with sports like HIIT, running, dancing, etc, where the ear canal shape changes (esp. during heavy breathing). Then the isolation just craps out on all but the best of foam tips (in my ears anyway).

    So, I still use Comply foam P-series: the longest, for me the deepest inserting, the least uncofortable and superior in isolation compare to anything I've tried. Sure I can get a better isolation by buying mass silicon clump inserts and just fill my whole ear canals with that stuff, but then I can't listen to anything and they still lose out to isolation when moving. Silicon eartips (even very long triple flanges) do not provide anywhere near the isolation and comfort for me.

    So, if anybody has a superior long and deep inserting isolation foam tip to Comply P-series, I'd love to find out about it. Not a single silicon, rubber or gel tip does it for me.
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  11. Linhbk
    Depending on every one taste but for me
    Comply foam : they are ok but not last long
    Final : one of the best but going too deep in your ear canal
    Spinfit: very nice for treble but bass reduce a lot
    Ortofon: my best of all for p-p,plus you guys can get it from ebay from japan they are not cheap if we buy to here NA, anw
    Custom tip: alternation way for people like me who dont want to reshell custom my iem but wanna try custom tip, very nice both look and quality but one thing that they will not be 100% same as custom iem, bass will be reduce a lot, more natural sound
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  12. PlantsmanTX
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  13. Edric Li
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  14. DynamicEars
    Sharing my best tips so far, may not works for everyone since our canals are unique.

    The real Best of two world is here!

    JVC spiral dots known for producing best sound, wider soundstage, reducing harsh peaks, and cut mid bass bleed, however for some people its isolation isnt the best to offer.
    I got idea from my sony hybrid, and I bought symbio W also, took out symbio W orange memory foam and put inside JVC spiral dots, works quite good actually but a bit stiff.
    So i got my spare comply memory foam S series, the one with wider pore. cut it, and put into JVC spiral dots. The result is amazing!! you got the best from JVC spiral dots with extra isolation and extra fit but not too tight and smoothly molded to your ear canal shape.

    Here my tutorial with picture :
    dynamic ears 001 (1478).jpg dynamic ears 002 (1480).jpg dynamic ears 003 (1481).jpg dynamic ears 004 (1484).jpg dynamic ears 005 (1485).jpg dynamic ears 006 (1486).jpg dynamic ears 007 (1487).jpg dynamic ears 011 (1493).jpg
  15. assassin10000
    Does anyone have both the small & medium sony triple comfort tips and can tell me their O.D.? I'm thinking about buying some and depending on the mfg I fall between s/m sizes. Plus some asian mfg tips run smaller.

    For instance I use small shure foam olives but medium westone silicones.
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