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Best IEM tips?

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  1. Mooses9
    i think the better question is What iem are you are using so much so that everyone is liking the comply.
  2. AlecR
    The issue I have with the Comply tips is that they are excessively expensive.

    For the price they should last longer.
  3. Skullbox
    Other alternative are the Blk Olive.
  4. razor5cl
    Can someone recommend me some tips for my Shure SE425? I'm in a bit of an odd position regarding tips, as I bought them used.
    Basically, with every other IEM I've ever used, I always user sillicon tips over foamies, because it's less hassle, and they don't affect sound. Well on the Shure I tried the small sillicon(I always use the smallest sized tip) and I just couldn't get it to seal properly, I could always push it a little more with my finger to get a better sound but it wouldn't stay there if I stopped pressing it. Same with the grey triple flange tips. But with the foamies that were included the seal and sound was spot on, but the problem was that only one small foam was included, and two mediums. I get pain whenever I use the IEMs daily after about a week or so, and the only solution would seem to be to buy some more Shure foams, but the only problem is they are a little expensive, and I was wondering if anyone else had tried other options, foam or sillicon.
  5. KritiKal

    The Earsonics foam tips are just as good as the Shures IMO, I just struggle with a quality seal. Having said that, I'm not sure if they're readily available. Furthermore, I thought the Shure olives (foam) were cheap-relative to the other varieties. In Aus, they're $25 ($20USD) for a pack of 5 pairs in some places.
  6. razor5cl
    Do you mean these? http://www.earsonics.com/store/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=3&products_id=37&osCsid=c674ae370b17f3234bf1c33dff162f97
    According to Earsonics' website they seem to just be regular T series Comply, and I can get those easily.
    Yeah, the Shures aren't too expensive, it's just that considering the price I paid for the IEMs compared to replacement tips I'd like to buy just one set of tips and leave it at that(but this is Head-Fi after all).
  7. KritiKal

    Interesting, they don't seem to fit as well as the Tx tips and have different characteristics (they feel denser, etc..), but looking on the Comply site they do have that slightly different contour. The more you know!
  8. Mooses9
    fpr me the comply mess with the mids and highs but add to the lows, so its a give and  take. but they dont have longevity for the price whick is a problem too.
  9. Skullbox
    How you like the Shure blk olive ? ... and yellow foam ? Sony (hybrid/mod) ? Have never tried/test the Comply tips. Do I miss something better?
  10. Dopaminer

    I used the Westone Star tips or the ATH FineFits wheh I had the SE846.  My left ear is a trick to seal sometimes, but both of these worked wonders for me. ( M size )
    Now, I just recommend to everyone to the Japanese Spinfit tips.  Simply wrap some tape or heat-shrink around your 425 nozzles to expand their diameter, and go Spinfit.  I can try a limitless variety of tips here in Tokyo, and I do, and I have yet to find anything that comes close to Spinfits for comfort, sealing/isolation, etc.  .  .  
  11. clee290
    ^I've done that with my SE215s as well. Used tape for at first, but it started to peel off after a few days. I ended up taking a the small pair of Shure silicone tips (since I didn't use those), cut off the stem area and put it on the nozzle to increase the diameter.
    By the way, where would be the best place to get some SpinFit tips shipped to Canada? Saw some on eBay, 2 pair for USD~$20. Is that the going price for them?
  12. Skullbox
    I do this to, using the tube portion of some unused Triple-flanges tips. Using with the Sony hybrid silicone tips. Like it! :wink:
  13. Dopaminer

    I`ve been shipping Spinfits worldwide - send me a PM and I`ll hook you up.  
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I'm not a comply user on most IEM, while there's nothing wrong with others using it - I'm glad I'm not on that happy 'keep buying me train. Apart from most I've tried not fitting my larger canals they've never offered anything of value soundwise to most common fitting IEM. Now, where the plot thickens is... When the Etymotic ER4S is concerned I must use the Etymotic foam, the sound for me with ER4S due to their fitting, deep insertion, and depth to the ear drum just doesn't work otherwise.
    I'll always take silicon as the first option - everytime where possible.
  15. AlecR
    I like the Comply Isolation tips on the Xiaomi Piston 2s because they naturally are quite open so a lot of sound gets in. With the Isolation tips most of the sound goes.
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