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Best IEM in 1500 INR?

  1. Saumil1989
    Hello friends, 
    I am new to this forum, I go through this site for reviews as it is very reliable and useful too.
    I am currently using Tekfusion Twinwoofers (White) and not at all happy with it. I am planning to buy new IEM in 1500 INR.
    I listen to Rock, Metal, Trance, Pyschadelic, Hip Hop and Soft.
    Also, I have a small collection of earphones but none of them are working currently (cable problem, loose connection, etc).
    Purchased in order:
    Sony EX 85
    Phillips SHH4520
    2 X Creative EP 630
    1 X Creative EP 830
    1 X Sennheiser MM50
    4 X Soundmagic PL30
    1 X Bose AE2
    n Now Twinwoofers.
    I just love the PL30, because of its balanced sound and comfort.I had purchased it in 950 Rs ! now its is selling for 1800+ (Flipkart) LOL, I don't wanna spend that much at the moment on IEM.
    Request you all friends to suggest me a good IEM in 1500.

    Thank you friends :)
  2. bhavneesh
    hi.. if you still looking for a reply.. then brainwavz m5 might be an option.. you can read the reviews here and decide for urself if it fits your taste or not. about the price .. at ebay.in its for 1700 which can be bought at 1600 using a discount coupon.. i dont know if you will like it or not as i aint even near to an audiophile .. but it fit the price and it comes with comply tips which are very comfortable..

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