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Best IEM for under $400

  1. Firstandrepair
    Hey y'all, I have a question for those more seasoned in the IEM market.
    I'm looking to buy a good pair of portable IEMs, with a budget of about $400.  I've done some research, and from what I can tell the top contenders are SM3, IE8, and UM3X.  I can't quite tell which ones would work more for my style of music.  I prefer lots of live music, Indie, Rock, Alternative, Reggae, Acoustic, Classical, and some Rap and Hip Hop.  I own a pair of Sennheiser HD650s for the house, and I love the sennheiser sound signature, but I haven't ventured away from the Sennheiser brand seriously to know what else is out there.  
    I'd be looking to drive them out of my iPod and iPhone, possibly through my cmoybb amp if needed, so nothing that would require too much additional amping.  If y'all have any ideas or other headphones that would be worth looking into, I'm all ears [​IMG].
  2. NA Blur
  3. devilsadvocate
    There are no "best" IEMs, just different IEMs at the top end.  I would say the Senn IE80 are the best.  Some listen to them and say they don't like them.  Depends on what your priorities are.  

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