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Best IEM for travel use

  1. KPzypher
    Hey enthusiasts,

    Looking for a solid IEM for travel use in the $1K range.

    I prefer fun sounding set when I'm traveling (musical over reference/analytical) with a strong and clean bass presence (DD preference). Can't stand hot treble. It needs to be somewhat on the smaller side and inconspicuous design wise, or at least tastefully done. And good seal and comfort for long sessions is a must for frequent flights. I usually prefer hybrid over pure BA setup. I'll be running it off of Hiby R6 Pro for the most part.

    I have couple of sets in mind but definitely open to other good sets out there.
    DUNU DK-4001 (for smaller/clean design and multi-connectors)
    HYLA TE-5B (interesting hybrid setup w/ outstanding low frequency from what I hear)

    For sound preference/reference, I currently drive IER-Z1R (too big for travel) for daily use, which I love dearly.

    Thanks all in advance!
  2. BananaOoyoo
    The TE-5B is a nice option. Xelento is a single-DD, but it’s an excellent V-shaped IEM and also really small. Bravado is a step or two down in terms of SQ, but also a few hundred cheaper, and Lime Ears Model X is a BA-only IEM, though with a solid bass response. The last two are available as either a custom or a universal, in case that’s something that interests you.
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  3. theveterans
    If you can still get Campfire Lyra II, that would be L-shaped IEM with tame treble and solid bass response. Vega would give a more treble energy but might be a bit hot for your taste though still a fun sound overall.
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  4. PointyFox
    Sony IER-M9
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  5. dazzerfong
    Can vouch for the Sony IER-M9, at least for the comfort. Sound's subjective as always, but I found the bass to be very lively for something that's supposed to be BAs.
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  6. CoryGillmore
    +1. Adore mine
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  7. KPzypher
    I almost pulled the trigger on M9 once before I settled for Z1R. I've no doubt it's a mighty fine set of IEM. :)
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  8. KPzypher
    I've heard good things about bravado but always wanted the EE LX ever since they first came out, so I might save for that.

    And I'd like to stay with universal fit, so I can have friends and other people to try them out.
  9. PointyFox
    The Z1R has better bass but he said in the $1K range :smile_phones:. The M9 isn't far behind. Pretty noticeable jump in quality going from M7 to M9.
  10. dazzerfong
    They're quite different IMO: the Z1R has a more surreal soundstage which has a scooped midrange: the M9 sticks closer to reference with a bass boost.
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  11. Raketen
    Can't speak relative to Z1R, but IMO Dunu 4001 is a tad bright (foam tips help, somoene in dedicated thread recommends a simple filter mod). 3001 was just re-released in the new shell and supposedly comparatively darker?

    AFAIK there aren't too many options in this high budget that are all that small (aforementioned Xelento, ie800s), esp for hybrid.

    +1 for M9 (or Andro), though a bit large. Way below budget but personally wouldn't discount something like Drop/JVC FDX1 (largeish) or Sony N3 which could tick some boxes (on second thought, I really dislike wearing IEMs in-flight, so probably shouldn't be replying :hear_no_evil:)
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  12. BananaOoyoo
    I’d give the Valkyrie a listen as well. It’s $700 cheaper and much smaller, though that faceplate is pretty conspicuous. Sounds a bit tamer than the Legend X.
  13. surfgeorge
    You got a nice setup there! I listened extensively to the Z1R at the shops in Tokyo and they are really special.

    I think the M9 is a good choice, but I wanted to mention the Astell & Kern T8ie MKII as well, they are tiny, comfortable and sound really good.
    Very fast and detailed for a DD. Price used around $600. Less V-shaped version of the Xelento.
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  14. KPzypher
    I seriously would've given thought on M9 If I didn't already own a pair of Sony in my collection. I know they're totally different setup, but I like trying different brand. In the end, I've settled for Hyla TE5B and Fearless Roland. I've been wanting a unique triband setup (piezo/estat) for a while and I think they fit the description well. Thanks for the AK T8IE though. I'll keep that in mind for future purchases.
  15. Victoresque
    Totally agree
    Valkyrie too tamed for my taste

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