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Best IEM for $200 or under??

  1. PurpleCross
    I have $200 to spend on IEM's and I mostly listen to Rock, Metal, and industrial, so wondering which IEM would you guys recommend?? Thanks :) 
  2. PXSS
    Depends on what you are looking for.
    Are you looking for analytical sound or a warmer, "funner" sound?
    I currently own the Shure SE215 and I like them a lot. They aren't the most balanced IEM's but they are fun to listen to.
    Bass is tight and strong, not as strong as the Turbines which I found to be too bloated.
    Mids are present and good sounding.
    Highs are laid back, no sibilance.
    Comfortability wise they are good, I am not used to having anything stuffed in my ear canals but these aren't so bad. There were a few more comfortable options but the cons were greater than their pros.
  3. yello131
    There quite a few out there available.
    But it would help if you specify what are your preferences?
    I can suggest Radius DDM as best value Dynamic Dual driver on the market,
    anther famous one for under 200$ is DBA-02,
    Also Re252
    Westone 3,
    Monster turbines among others..
  4. fatthumb
    Can consider UE Triple Fi 10 too, below $200 from Amazon.
  5. PurpleCross
    @yello131, Preferences would be durability and perfect bass on the IEM's.
    @fatthumb Those were my first choice on amazon, but are they actually worth it?? 
    There are too many treads on these UE TripleFi 10

  6. fatthumb
    Actually I just ordered TF10 from Amazon too, I have Radius DDM and wanted to try something else. Although there is potential issue on the cabling (can be solved by investing in better replacement cable), I am willing to try it out (it's pretty cheap for 3 BA drivers IEM). Not to mention that I can easily re-shell this in future if I really want to :)

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