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Best IEM custom or universal

  1. Mini0510
    Hi audiophiles
    I am looking for the best custom or universal IEM.
    Hi, I currently own the monster turbine pro copper.
    I listen to a lot of rock and hip pop music. Personally, I think Monster products just have a lot of bass, including the copper. I alway use treble booster as my EQ. AND I'm still not satisfied with the treble. I guess I prefer harsh treble. The treble for copper is alot better than the original and gold, but it is still no where near the Sony MDR-EX1000. I love the treble on high end Sonys. But the bass is a bit weak. Bose quiet and comfort 15 sound very nice and detailed. The placement of the instruments is excellent. I guess these descriptions gives you can idea what I'm expecting.

    My standards are as follows:
    1. Best bass in on the market. Strong, controlled punchy, but should not have more bass than copper. but a little more than Sonys for example EX1000
    2. Very Clear mid and highs so the bass doesn't cover everything up. Slight harsh treble like Sonys preferably.
    3. Excellent good sound stage.
    4. Noise cancelling should be decent. But most high end earphone are ok with that part.
    6. Price - lets just not worry about that right now! :)
    I have nailed down to a few but I really can't choose which one is the best for me. From the descriptions above, should I get a neutral or a warmer IEM?
    1. Rooth LS8
    2. UE18
    3. JH13Pro
    4. UM Miracle
    Did I miss out on any good IEMs? 
    Any recommendations will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. jacobap100
    For a universal I would get the sennheiser IE8
    And for a custom I would recommend the jh16 or the ue11
  3. Mini0510
    may I know your reasons for recommending JH16 or UE11? I know JH16 has tons of bass and I dont like too much bass...
  4. sjondenon


    +1 on the IE8
  5. cifani090
  6. SolidVictory


    I honestly think the bass of the JH16 is just perfect for you, since you were dissatisfied by the bass on the EX1000's. The JH16 bass is punchy and very fast, and it is completely non-intrusive on the midrange and highs. I listened to the JH13's and while their bass performance is great, it felt a little lacking to me as I A/B'd the JH16s and the JH13s side by side.
  7. Ikelmonster
    best iem is the most expensive one, so just buy that one
  8. alv4426
    If thats the case ill sell you $40,000 JVC FX300 [​IMG]

  9. ZARIM
    The Sony EX1000 offers superb soundquality and if you want more bass then add ZO and the combo willbe amazingly detailed with more bass. The RE272 offers very detailed, extended highs(more details in highs than EX1000) and ZO will add more bass if needed without missing details. The highend custom IEMs are even better sounding than EX1000 with wider soundstage, clean extended highs and fully detailed mids. I will highely recommend the Westone ES5 and it offers superb soundquality with rich detailed bass and clean extended highs. The others highend custom IEMs are also recommended like JH13Pro, UM Miracle, UERM.
  10. Ikelmonster


    Yeah cool, ill send you a check right away [​IMG]
  11. Mini0510
    But I think that the copper has too much bass. does JH16 has more bass then copper? and doesn't the JH16 has a roll off treble, not like a EX1000 treble?
    These 3 IEMs are my top choices. And I own the Monster Turbine Pro Copper. 
    So if anyone can give me a comparison between these 3 IEM or with the Copper, that would be great.
    1. Rooth LS8
    2. JH13 Pro / JH16
    3. UM Miracle
  12. RealSlimSeto
    Vsonic GR07s?
  13. dweaver


    +1, especially since the OP has mentioned he does not want to much bass which in my experience would rule out the IE8 due to it's mid bass hump. The GR07 on the other is pretty flat (BUT FAR FROM BORING) in is sound curve. I love the GR07 sub-bass and texture, it clean slightly forward and slightly warm midrange, and it's sparkly crystal clear treble. Personally in my opinion it's as good as any of the $3-400 universal IEM's I have heard.
  14. calipilot227
    IE8, TF10, Westone 3/4
    Westone 3 and TF10 have more treble than the Turbines (Westone 3 has tons of bass too)
  15. SolidVictory


    The JH16's treble does not roll off at all. It's extremely extended.

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