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Best IEM companion to the Sennheiser HD598?

  1. Shimakaze
    I've had a pair of Shure SE115 for several years now, and I no longer find the sound satisfying ever since I got the HD598. I'm a big fan of the sound stage, instrument separation, and general detail of the HD598, which the SE115 lacks in every way. I realize it's hard for an IEM to compete with an open over-the-ear in terms of sound stage, but what's the minimum I need to invest to get similar sound quality? I listen mostly to jazz, classical, and a little bit of everything except hip-hop/r&b/rap. I prefer a more neutral sound signature; something not too bass-heavy. My budget is around $400. Any recommendations would be appreciated :)
  2. jawar
    The Sony EX1000, RE272, RE600, UM3X and 4Ai are pretty good for neutral soundsignature, details, imaging and balance presentation.
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  3. stinkysbsc

    The hifiman re272 is an excellent earphone, however it has some minor build quality issues. The re600 may be a better option if the company has fixed these issues.
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  4. Shimakaze
    How does the Westone 4R compare with the ones mentioned here?
  5. stinkysbsc
    If I recall correctly, the UM3X is warmer sounding and has a more lush mid-range, which is likely why the 4R wasn't suggested. However, really these are only recommendations... when spending this much on a pair of earphones, you should really go to a store and try them out. I'm sure that there must be some sort of audiophile driven store near you.
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