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Best IEM $400 and under

  1. vampire5003
    I am looking for the best possible IEM for $400 dollars and under. I mostly listen to Rock/Blues Rock (Aerosmith is a good example) and Dance/Hip Hop (Party Rock by LMAFO is a good example). I have seen people talk about these being good; 
    Ultimate ears triple fi 10, triple fi 10 recased for customs, monster turbine pro copper and gold, Sennheiser IE8 and IE7, 1964 EARS, and Kozee Infinity X1 and X2.
    Which should I pick? I am gonna be running through a amp, as well as lostless music. I am not a musician but LOVE to hear perfect sounding music. I like bass but not overpowering (like the beats by dre or bose). I have owned several lower priced IEM's but am ready to get something better. 
    Thanks, Thomas
  2. yello131
    IE8/IE7 will not work for your taste as it is very bass oriented.
    I suggest Sm3 by Earsonics or UM3x, or even something like Grado 10 or Ortofon e-Q7
  3. vampire5003
    Are those iem? I have never heard of those? Does Amazon sell them? I have Prime membership so overnight shipping is $3.99 USD.
  4. yello131


    Yes this are among most popular IEMs on this forum I believe. Just check the multiple threads on the headfi and you will not be disappointed.
    Some of this are sold on Amazon, but I mainly recommend getting your through an official dealer with warranty and support.
  5. calipilot227
    "Best" is a very subjective term. If you want a very balanced sound, try the ER-4. The sound signature takes some getting used to (especially the bass, which is more heard than felt), but once you do you'll never go back. At least I haven't [​IMG]
    For the record, I have also used/owned the Triple.fi 10, IE8, UM3X, Westone 3, and Westone 4.
  6. vampire5003
    Oh, I guess the ones I found weren't very good.
  7. i2ehan
    If it's "perfect" sound quality you're after my friend, I'm assuming it's sound being reproduced in it's purest form that you're referring to, without coloration or any one (or more) areas predominating another. While nothing is perfect of course, the Westone 4 is about as close as I've ever come in the realm of universal IEM's. As per the name, it's a quad driver, of which 2 are dedicated to the low frequencies, and the remaining 2 dedicated to the mid and high frequencies. However, don't let that mislead you, as the W4's are channeled much more towards quality, than towards quantity. Not to mention, they are easily an all-rounder, and are fit for any genre of music IMO. There's certainly enough bass impact present, which is easily appreciated when the track calls for it, but it's not at all overpowering, nor are they geared towards bass-heads. Sure, there's other top tiers that may satisfy your ears, but to my ears, the best of them in terms of presenting the sound in it's purest form, is quite simply the W4.
    P.S. Before the infamous Head-Fi pirates jump my ship (if you think it's you, it's probably you [​IMG]), I'll mention that no, I'm not suggesting the W4's to the OP only to attract a buyer for my own pair listed for sale. As a matter of fact, I'd strongly recommend that s/he buy directly through a certified reseller instead, in order to ensure full warranty coverage. IMHO, the W4 represents the purest of SQ amongst all the universals I've personally come to own, and that is my only reasoning for my suggestion. They've been sold new for ~$380 for quite some time (through soundearphones, after 15% off) in the past, and can definitely be acquired sub $400.
    P.P.S. As our friend calipilot227 mentioned, the ER-4, as described by the many listeners here at head-fi, also sounds quite fitting for what it is you're after; though I personally haven't any experience with them. Fortunately, you'll find many in-depth impressions/reviews through a simple search. All the best my friend, happy listening! [​IMG]
  8. Selenium
    Coppers are actually very good for rock. The highs have a bit of an edge which works well with guitars, and with a very good mirange, which is important for that kind of music. Good, impactful, fast bass that doesn't overpower and sounds great for drums. The Golds would probably be too bassy and their midrange isn't as good as the Coppers.
  9. ursawar0000
    Hey there, what about the jh5, they sound good for me, they're not the purest sounding iem I've ever had though.
  10. the_thatguy
    ^Good one bumping a 3 year old thread, very good. I'm pleased.

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