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Best I.E.Ms for working out?

  1. dreamLRG
    Hey guys what is the best IEM for working out that are also comfortable. My price range is about 100
  2. Hubert007
    Check those out:
    Sennheiser CX 680 Sport 
  3. dreamLRG
    but i heard the sound quality isnt that great. i guess i just want IEMS that dont fall out when i run/lift
  4. dbdynsty25
    Cheap:  JVC FX67 ($20)
    Midrange:  Phonak Audeo 012 (Perfect bass) ($90)
    Expensive:  Vsonic gr07 ($160)
    These are the ones I currently use and I should have the Soundmagic e30s next week sometime to fill in the lower middle area ($45).  :)
  5. David58117
    Bose ie2!  Theyre open design so you will hear everything going on around you(a must for running or biking on public streets), and with the ear fits they stay in no matter what.  Portapros are also good, but the bose replaced them for me.
  6. dreamLRG

    I am really diggin the phonaks. Have you had experience with the DUNUS or Brainwavz. If so would you put any of the DUNU/Brainwavz over the phonaks? 


    Danget i guess ill have to look into those too! They look pretty nice!!
  7. Mochan


    if you just need IEMs that don;t fall out then as long as sound quality isn't total trash you should be ok, right?  The CX680 Sport should be good enough.
    Anyway fit is pretty personal some fit well on others but not on some ears. But general guideline is get something light and plastic. The lighter it is the less likely it'll fall out. So stay away from stuff like Turbines. 
  8. ZARIM
    Etymotic HF5, HF3, Sony EX510, UE Metro-Fi 220 and Westone 1.
  9. dbdynsty25


    I personally liked the Brainwavz M3s a bit better from a sound perspective, but the Phonaks are so light, they fit so well and have a nice cable as far as a chin slider to keep them in place during active movement.  They are both fantastic headphones however, so you can't go wrong with either...the fit of the Phonaks just destroys almost every other headphone I've tried and they sound great as well.  The only headphone that did both as well is the GR07 and that's 80 bucks more expensive (of course, that's what I settled on too, lol).
  10. dreamLRG
    You have so sold me the Phonaks, i am totally going to get those. Have you tried the brainwavz b2? any good? 
  11. Cielbleufr
    Dunu Trident of course. OF COURSE
  12. navmau
    Consider the Meelec M6. They go over the ear so will stay very secure during workouts. They are said to have great sound quality and they are relatively cheap so you don't need to worry much about damage.
    I have a pair on the way (with microphone for calls). I will be using it for workouts along with my xperia mobile phone. The microphone button has the added benefit of being able to control the phone's music player.
  13. dbdynsty25


    Tried them...wasn't a fan for hip hop and southern rock (my genres of choice).  The VSonic GR07s are significantly better for those genres.  The B2s distorted quite a bit when turned up loud for working out whereas the Phonaks and the Vsonics don't at all.  I've loved all of the Brainwavz I've tried EXCEPT the B2s.  Guess I'm just not into the bright analytical type headphones.  
  14. cheeq88
    not sure about the price range, but if you can get them cheap, ultimate ears triple.fi 10s work great.
    I use mine with an ipod for running and the vi. version lets you control your ipod with the answering phone button. i've run some half marathons with them and never really had a problem with them falling out... cept you need to make sure you're watching the road with the isolation
  15. dreamLRG

    There noise isolating so ill get hit by a car lol! they seem a little expensive


    I am set on buying the phonaks. Thanks a lot dude! Btw are the green ear filters good? or should i buy the black or grey? 
    my genres are hip hop and rap1

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