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Best horror books O.O''

  1. wind016
    I'm trying to find some good horror books to read. What are some of the best horror books? I don't know if it helps, but I liked "House of Leaves" back in high school. =)
  2. tyty5150
    I think Stephen King's Christine is a gruesome horror book.
  3. alphaphoenix
    Just read SK, "Full Dark, No Stars" - master pieces.   Clive Barker is another favorite; try his "Books of Blood", or if you fancy a longer read, "Rawhead Rex" may just do the trick.
  4. Max Minimum
    After "House of Leaves" you may have a hard time finding a horror novel that meets your expectations.  King is an above-average writer in the genre, but nowhere near the level of Danielewski, in my opinion (and I've read a lot of King).  I'd suggest taking a different direction.  Maybe don't go for something that takes itself too seriously.  How about "John Dies At The End" by David Wong?  It's definitely a horror novel, but also a comedy, as strange as that sounds.  The voice in which Wong writes is terrifically sardonic, and the fact the he owns up to the ridiculousness that is pretty much inherent in the genre (even in good books) is very refreshing.  And it's a good story to boot.  Lots of fun, and a bit of fear.
  5. Paganini Alfredo
    Good thread.
    You should start and stop with H.P. Lovecraft, the master of dread and suspense.
  6. Max Minimum
    Lovecraft is great, I agree.  Also, Poe, especially "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym."  Follow that up with Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness."  It was written as almost a companion piece to "Pym."
  7. Max Minimum
    Oh, thought of one more...
    "Dreamside" by Graham Joyce.  It's about an experiment in lucid dreaming where four student participants create a shared dream realm and the consequences of what they do there.
  8. sphinxvc
    House of Leaves was very, very good.  Bram Stoker's Dracula is just as good.
  9. Uncle Erik Contributor
    There's always the "Twilight" series if bad writing horrifies you.

    Otherwise, try H.P. Lovecraft. I'd also recommend his biography - he had an interesting life.

    Not exactly in the horror genre, but read Ambrose Bierce's civil war stories. "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" ought to get you hooked. Bierce actually served and was injured in the Civil War - his perspective was unique. Like Lovecraft, read up on his interesting life and possible death. I like to think he's still alive and wandering the southwest. :) There are tales about a ghostly old gringo in the desert around here. It must be Bierce.

    Another great writer that should interest you is Philip K. Dick. Not strictly horror, but good enough to be on any recommended reading list. The five volumes of his short stories are well worth buying.

    If you don't mind me recommending yet another quasi-horror author, try T. Coraghessan Boyle's short stories. "Greasy Lake" is a real favorite. Still another favorite author in the same vein is Roald Dahl. Yeah, he's known for kids' books. But try his - rather - adult short stories. You won't read them to your children, trust me. But they're a hell of a lot of fun.

    Oh, and pick up Evelyn Waugh's "The Loved One." Not horror, but incredibly dark. And very, very funny.

  10. Paganini Alfredo
    I picked up "House of Leaves" today, bought it after reading the introduction. Seems promising! Thanks for the recommendation [​IMG]
  11. Max Minimum


    Didn't Dahl write some of the old Twilight Zone shows?  Many of his adult stories have that sort of feel.
  12. zotjen Contributor
    I would recommend any of the horror stuff by Dan Simmons (who also writes excellent scifi). I've recently been turned on to Joe Hill, who happens to be Stephen King's son. Others have already mentioned Clive Barker but note that some of his stuff is more fantasy than horror.
  13. sphinxvc
    An occurrence on Owl Creek bridge is also a Twlight Zone episode, or rather, it was an award-winning French short film that was featured on the TZ.
  14. sphinxvc

  15. jago
    +1 to Clive Barker! My personal favorites are Weaveworld and Imajica, given there a long read but unbelievably worth it :)

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