Best High Capacity PSG: FiiO X5/X3 or Lootoo Paw 5000
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Mar 25, 2016
I'm looking for some advice. I have been considering the above three devices for some months now. I currently own three iPod 160gb classics but I'm looking to replace with a singular unit as I work at sea and it is not practical to keep transporting three players, especially as I now have almost 160gb of music on my computer alone.
I've distilled my options down to three (my budget, with memory cards is limited to £400/£500). For the longest time the X5ii was the frontrunner. With two 200gb cards and an OTG connected USB upwards of 256gb I thought I could house all my music. Then I read that the X5 had issues with OTG connected devices over a certain capacity and then yesterday I was lead to believe that OTG support had been abandoned altogether.
Subsequently I started looking at the X3ii, while it can only house 128gb on board, there are some crazy OTG linked drives that I have seen stacked with people boasting storage capacity above 500gb.
Finally the Lootoo Paw 5000 has the potential to support 2tb of memory. That's great, but the player seems to have a marmite following, the UI looks very limited and the sound quality issues concern me. 
Does anyone have experience with a couple or all three of these devices. As I said, storage comes first, but I'm not above having my music collection stowed over a few microSD's if it affords me a device with more features and better sound.

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