Best headphones w/out amps?
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Feb 10, 2013
Ok so I know I'm asking a lot here but it would be great if you guys could help me out here. I'm looking for the best headphones that still do great without amps and I'm looking for isolation, great soundstage, comfort and being able to listen to them for awhile without getting annoyed and quality of course.  I know many people will be wondering why I don't just use in ears but I already have a pair of ultimate ears and they don't ft my ears well they just fall out if i dont hold them there no matter what bud size even though they're fine for friends.
So far I know the beyerdynamic dt 250 80ohms are a good choice as they isolate well and have nice sound without amps. Hopefully well enough to cut out traffic even (ill be usingthem on buses a lot for example). However the dt770s are apparently better soundstage wise which i really want and it seems to be a halfway split between them for quality, the 250s more flat (perhaps meaning ill be able to listen to them for longer without getting annoyed) as the 770s seem to be bass and treble heavy wih the mids reduced considerably  but still preferred by quite a few of you. I'm not sure about the 990s but it seems they and the 770s need amps more to do their best. 
Comfort is also going to be important.  anyway if anyone knows any better choices or if not can help me decide between the beyers then that'd be really helpful. 
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Oct 28, 2012
45 for the models, though I think the 880 and 990 are semi-open, so they won't be able to isolate at all. As for whether they'll be easily driven w/ out an amp, look at the Ohm and Sensitivity/SPL (measured in dB). Higher ohms require more voltage and have more resistance. Sensitivity is the efficiency (anything 100+dB should be able to be driven from an idevice).
V-Moda M-100 and Sony MDR-1R. m100 isolates better, but isn't refined as the 1r. You can look at the gift guide done by jude and the others for other options and the specifics. Custom 1 pro maybe. 1R is mostly plastic and pleather which may turn you off, but it's been said to be the most comfortable phones by some. 

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