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Best headphones under 200 euro


The best Beyerdynamic model

  1. DT 770 PRO

  2. DT 880 Premium

  3. DT 990

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  1. FleshRipper
    Hi folks,
    I am looking for the best pair of cans under 200 euros and wonder what are the best options avalable? Currently I am thinking of something by Beyerdynamic (DT 770 pro, DT 880 Premium and DT 990 in my mind) and have a hard time choosing between those.
    I mostly listen to metal/rock music. What I want is well-emphasised mids, prominent bass, decent frequency response (bass preferably below 10 hz), sound transparent, spatial and detailed.

    Preferably by brands like Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and Audio-Technica but not necessarily.
  2. FleshRipper
    Btw, headphones that shouldn't require a headphone amp.
  3. serman005
    You might want to look into a SoundMAGIC HP151 and see what you think. It outperforms its price-point considerably, IMO. Def worth a look-see.
  4. Asim lau
    According to your request, I personally think Beyerdynamic DT 990 is a good choice, you can browse review of this headset.

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