Best headphones for under $100 shipped CDN
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Feb 1, 2011
Hello I live in Canada and I am looking to get my first pair of DJ style headphones. I will be using these at home with my Computer I have a x-fi forte as my sound card so it has an amp.  I will also be using it with my Creative zen vision M mp3 player.  I am not looking for ear buds but ones that fit over the ear's I am also looking for comfort as well.  The type of music I listen too is rock, country, opera, metal, grunge just to name a few. 
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Do you want open backed ones or closed ones? In case you dont know, open means (normally) better sound in terms of realism but leaks sound so people around will hear your music and you can hear them as well while closed back headphones isolate you from your surroundings although not as isolating as good in ears. 
Since you listen to metal and rock, the Grados should be "magical" with your music. Check out the iGrado (50 dollars), SR60i (69ish), SR80i or the Alessandro MS1. They have about the same drivers but are open backed. Other popular closed headphone recommendations are the Koss DJ1000 (70+), the ATH M50(a bit above 100) and thats about it.

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