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Best headphones for Rock/Heavy metal?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by willitblend, Dec 26, 2012.
  1. willitblend
    I want a headphones thats really good with rock. With $150 price range. I have the M50's now but i think they sound pretty awful with rock and the vocals are weak. So something with good seperation and quality guitars and nice vocals. I hear the Grado sr80i,but at $100 I don't really want to be downgrading sound quality
  2. NA Blur
    I say go with the Grado SR-60i if you can stand the pads.  Personally I cannot use a Grado with either the bowl or comfy pads.  They are much too uncomfortable.
    The SR-60i up to the RS-1i sound almost identical.  You can research this yourself and look at the charts listed in the link below.  The SR-60i will sound almost identical to the SR-80/125/225/325/RS-1i.  The primary difference is sound between those listed is from the pads be it bowl or comfy.
    I worked with a guy who primarily listened to hard rock and metal and he really enjoyed the SR-80i.
    I think the SR-60i can be found for $90 or less new.
  3. joseph69
    The grado sr80i is just an incredible headphone for 100$
  4. willitblend
    Would you say they have good instrument seperation with guitars and drums?
  5. Biscuitz
    At the price, they have very good instrument separation, and Grados are notorious for their awesome reproduction of guitars. Drums sound great on them too.
    I definitely recommend Grado SR60i or SR80i for rock and metal. I primarily listen to those genres, and Grados are my favorite headphones for those genres. SR80i has slightly more bass, otherwise they sound nearly identical. Down the road you can buy the L-Cush pads with whichever pair you get, it will give the sound more clarity.
    I doubt you'd be disappointed with Grados, as long as you don't mind the comfort! Just bend the headband to alleviate clamping force and the comfort is manageable!
  6. joseph69
  7. joseph69
    The above post was posted by JOSEPH69 to WILLITBLEND. Don't know what happened.
  8. willitblend
    Will these be powered by my ipod touch 2g just fine?
  9. joseph69
    Yes they will sound just fine out of your ipod, they are terminated with a 1/8 connector, and also come with a 1/4 adapter in the box. I own a pair of MS2i's and I am still going to purchase a pair of SR80i's again, to me they are that amazing, especialy for the price!
  10. willitblend
    I will probably consider these to be at the top of my list
  11. joseph69
    Very good choice, you will not be disappointed if you decide to purchase them, if you do, enjoy and let us know how much you love them. Good luck.

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