Best Headphones for me? Paired with an inexpensive Dac/Amp.
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Aug 17, 2015
Hey, I'm new here. Glad to join in all the fun! So I thought i'd start off with asking for headphone recommendation as I've never owned a good pair of headphones and am completely new to the audio world. And, I would also need a Dac/amp solution because I have a very outdated and low end motherboard(I use a dell Inspiron 3000, even though I am saving up for my first custom built PC) . I am ashamed to say that I don't even know what genre of music I like to listen to because it's all Japanese Anime music and some English ones here and there. I don't know exactly what I like in music specifically(bass,mids,treble, etc) So basically what I am saying is that I like music, but don't know **** about it. Weird? right.
So I'll just give some songs that I like and which ones are my favorite, so you can recommend me headphones based off that.
Well, those are some of my favorite songs. And please don't criticize my taste, without listening to the songs beforehand, because you never know you may like them. And just because they are mostly Japanese doesn't mean they are bad.
Other than that, I actually watch movies and Anime more than listen to music, and only play horror games. So, I also want the headphones to be very Immersive and make what ever i am watching or listening feel real and immersive. I want to be immersed in what ever I am doing.
So that's all, Please give me some good headphone and Dac/Amp recommendations. I want the price to be maximum 250 dollars with the headphones and amp/dac combo, But you can also recommend me something more expensive just for the sake of it, and I may just like it so much that i'd be willing to spend extra money. And, I don't care about closed/open, they just have to suit my style of music and make me feel immersed.  
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The E10K is a very good DAC/amp for the price. Also the Schitt Fulla. They would take ~ $75 of your budget.

Do you need isolation? Is it OK if the headphones leak sound a little? Open headphones do have a bigger soundstage which is more immersive, but you need to be aware that they are best used in private. If that's OK, then open headphones are probably the way to go for your needs. These ATH-AD900X could be a great choice:

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