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Best headphones for E-music

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lampek, May 25, 2013.
  1. lampek
    Hey guys, i'm looking for a really good headphone for eletronic music, and sometimes other genres, like rock and alternative.
    So i can spend ~400 U$$, i was thinking about Beats Pro, but everybody says beats is only marketing.
    Sorry for bad english :frowning2:
  2. SpiderNhan
    You can try these:
    V-MODA LP2 = Clean sound, good strong bass that can almost be overwhelming. Looks great and build like a tank.
    V-MODA M-100 = Almost audiophile signature with great deep bass and extended treble. Similar build to the LP2 with the added ability to fold up.
    Sol Republic Master Tracks = Bassy, but not muddy. Comfortable with almost indestructible build. Good fun sound if slightly too bass-heavy.
    AKG K267 Tiesto = Haven't spent much time with these, but they sounded pretty good for the few minutes I listened to it.
    Ultrasone Pro 900 S-Logic = Pair with an amp, some of the craziest bass you will experience.
  3. lampek
    Thanks for post this headphones, but what is the diference between V MODA LP and LP 2? i like the LP because it is customizable, and LP 2 is a bit less customizable than the LP.
    Sorry for bad english :frowning2:
  4. SpiderNhan
    The LP I've never listened to, but most Head-Fiers say it's overly bassy and bloated meaning the bass is so strong that it distorts and masks the other frequencies. If all you listen to is electronic music then I don't think it'll be a problem, but the LP isn't regarded as a good sounding headphone here. The LP2 sounded very good to me and wasn't as bassy and muddy as I was expecting. The bass is definitely stronger than the M-100, but the midrange and treble also sounded pretty good. The M-100 comes in 3 colors and is very highly rated.
  5. arteom
    I'd say go for alessandro MS-Pro, if you are comfortable buying used their going rate is usually around $500 used, they are $700 new. They are great for rock and electronic music, really work great with most any genre of music. I would also look at the ATH-D2000, it's going rate is also in the $400-500 range, great for rock and edm. If you want something closed and portable I would highly recommend the ATH-ESW9. They are fantastic phones, well balanced sound, work well with all genres of music, very pleasant to listen to and look great. Those go for $240 new, the cheapest I've seen them on the forums is $150 used. There is also the Sennheiser HD-25, which is very good for EDM and rock, but not much else, they are fantastic closed phones and isolate very well. Those are in $200 range.
  6. freeeekyyy
    Unless by electronic music you strictly mean house and bad dubstep, I'd suggest getting something that does a little more than put out one-dimensional midbass thump. Something that produces solid bass, for sure, but does everything else well too.

    I've recommended it several times before, and I know there are people who are probably getting annoyed with me for that, especially because the "proper" viewpoint is to look down on it for some reason, but being somebody who listens to a lot of electronic music myself, I think that it's hard to beat the Koss Pro4AATs. Great bass extension, along with flat, solid delivery of all other frequency ranges too, and well controlled,etc. Being sealed, soundstage isn't the best, but it's at least as good as pretty much any other sealed phone, I'm sure. Just be sure and run it with an amp and give it a good burn-in session. You won't be disappointed, I promise. And it can be bought for less than $100, leaving you plenty to get a nice amp to go with it.


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