Best headphones for dubstep BASS for $150
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Jan 19, 2013
Hello everybody, this is my first ever post on head-fi and hopefully not my last. I'm looking for some good headphones for bass that work for hip hop and dubstep. I'm a casual listener and don't want to look into amps. My campus allows headphones in class while working so I need them to be portable. Here's a list of criteria for what I want

•$150 or less***
•Nice rumbling bass with good kicks and medium-low highs
•Classy look and durable

Do far I have been looking into Sony MDR XB600's and the Vmoda M80's (shadow)

I have read good reviews for BASS on both of these cans and can't really. choose between either one. If anybody has any recommendations please list them below. Thanks!
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MDR-XB800. Extreme bass 

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I would recommend the ultrasone PRO900, but I have a feeling that's out of your budget.
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Budget = 150$
Pro 900 = 324$
it appears that that would be over twice his budget...
Within OP's budget the most popular options seem to be the HFI-580 or the M-Audio Q40 (Only 100$ now at B&H)

His budget wasn't listed when he first posted, so I just threw that out there, in case he wanted to go all out.
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pro 700MK2, m audio Q40.. I would say the Q40's would be the best for you (only if your willing to buy beyerdynamic DT770 earpads along with them)
If you would consider IEM's, look into the monster turbine series (the pro golds are only $150 on amazon right now, they usually cost $300) I have the original turbines and love them.
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Q40's, or any of the HFI ultrasones. 
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Yeah there's several Ultrasones within your budget that would probably work well. Maybe the DT770-Pro-80 as well but they're not as portable and aren't foldable.
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I've never used them myself, but the ath m-50's seem to be very popular around here within that price range.
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I've never used them myself, but the ath m-50's seem to be very popular around here within that price range.

They sound great for everything but if someone listens exclusively to bass-heavy genres they should consider something with a little extra punch IMO. They are not bass-light but I am constantly considering getting a pair of "fun" cans with gobs of bass

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