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Best headphones for classical music

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  1. pauliunas
    I just wanted to thank you all guys, you have really helped me a lot.
    So I have ordered ATH-AD900x from Amazon, kind of on impulse. I really liked the AD500x when I was in the store, so I wanted to buy that one, but when I saw the discount, I just couldn't resist it. In the end, I will probably never have another chance to take advantage of those incredible Amazon sales and discounts, as I don't live in the States and my brother is already returning in a couple of weeks.
    I hope I made the right decision and they won't be worse than the 500 model :wink:
    Thank you again for all the help, I really appreciate it!
  2. Pokemonn
    I like my AD900x too. They have very high performance/cost ratio.
  3. Topazus
    I'd appreciate it if you told us how you like it for classical music, once you get it. I'm very curious.
  4. pauliunas

    Ok, I will do my best :) Although it's my first high-end headphones and I don't have what to compare them to, I will try to write a short review for it. By the way, I will receive it on 12 August and will write it the same day if I have the time; if not, in the following couple of days.
  5. Topazus
    Thank you! I'm thinking about getting a pair, and I'd love to hear what people think of it for classical.
  6. pauliunas
    By the way, as I already ordered the headphones, I'm worrying about the other possible bottlenecks now.
    Let's start off by saying that I'm fully aware of my PC/smartphone/stereo system being a clear bottleneck, but I don't have the money to invest into that, at least for now.
    Another possible bottleneck would be the software and audio files. I know I need to use lossless files, but there seem to be various formats of lossless records. Until now, I've been using CD-quality FLAC files, but I'm considering something like 24/96 for the future. Is it worth investing money into that (the recordings are more expensive), or is it just stupid? I also heard some people say that you can't really tell a difference even with the most expensive setup, but some say that there's a difference even with cheaper hardware. I actually believe the first one, because of my experience with video technology: 60Hz and 120Hz monitors appear identical to me, and I can't tell a difference between 4K and FullHD when standing in reasonable distance. If I stand close enough to tell a difference, that means I'm standing too close and it hurts my eyes after some time. So that's why I'm asking about audio codecs. I don't want to fall for the same overpriced audio placebo that some people have about video.
    By the way, I also plan to buy a DAC/amp after some time, maybe a year. So far, I have considered these options:
    1. Amp only - a good amp for, let's say $100
    2. DAC only - a good DAC for the same amount ($100)
    3. DAC/amp combo for the same ammount ($100) - something like this
    4. Separate amp and DAC for $100 in total (like $50+$50 or something like that)
    5. A portable music player like FiiO X1 (does it still need an external amp?)
    Well, it's not so urgent because I don't have the money now anyway.
  7. Pokemonn

    I think AD900x is  amp/DAC friendly. Not picky at all IMHO. so please don't worry about amp/DAC!
  8. pauliunas

    Thank you for advice. However, I'm still unsure of where to get my music. Here in Lithuania I could only find about 10 classical music CDs, most of which, I suspect, are low quality recordings. So my only option is buying online. And then I don't even know if I want those shiny "studio quality" recordings, above CD quality?
  9. Pokemonn
    buying online is not evil. can be evil for musician but good for music consumers.
    compressed music file format is not bad too. file format difference can be audible sometimes. 
    But almost music lovers(except audiophile) don't need care about difference between file formats IMO.
    I often listen to Apple Music(rumor say its 256kbps AAC file format?) with my world best headphone Stax SR-009.
  10. ClassicalViola
    I agree that in the end it's the music itself which matters! For me personally, I find that CD quality FLAC rips are plenty good. How natural the music sounds would mostly depend on how the recording was made in the first place, and there are just so many different ways of recording a performance!
  11. CanadianMaestro
    Amazon has lots of classical CDs for much less than what you would pay in a shop on the street.
    The quality of the master recording is indeed all-important.
  12. diamondears
    Tidal. Thousands of studio master CD-quality albums on your fingertips.
  13. pauliunas

    Sorry, this is about 300% out of my budget :) And I already ordered ATH-AD900x
  14. pauliunas

    The problem is, I'm a wannabe audiophile, and I'm a well musically educated (10 years of musical school) classical music addict. I guess you can "almost" call me a musician as I play violin and piano as my hobby. mp3 just doesn't cut it, sorry...
  15. pauliunas

    Well, it's a streaming site. And from my understanding, even when you save the recordings for offline listenint, they're DRM protected and can only be played from their app. I want my music library to be accessible from any of my devices, online and offline. I don't even have a data plan with my sim card :) I just never needed it. But thanks for advice anyway, I appreciate any input!
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