Best headphones for bicycling?
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Oct 8, 2010
I use Shure SE215, they are IEMs. They are good cos I can still wear my helmet and the cable goes behind my head, so it does not go in the way.
I use them for recreational bike riding (not in traffic). Its so much nicer to enjoy some uplifting music while I cycle.
It does worry me that I can't hear if something is going wrong with my bike (ie brakes, sounds of things breaking). So once in a while I take them off to test that everything works ok.
EDIT: Mike from Headphonia recommended these to me:
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Feb 8, 2007
This is funny!  Can't believe this thread is still around.  For what it's worth, I do wear a helmet now,  found out they got a lot more comfortable in the last few years. It's a good thing I started wearing one.  I rode into a semi-trailer a couple of years back with a helmet on.  Broke my neck in two places but at least I remained concious on the way to the hospital! Oh and on topic, I realy like my Yuin OK1s for bike riding now,  PK1s were fun when I had those too.
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Oct 18, 2008
Some good comments here, but I think what comes out of it all is to take personal responsibility.  If you're a cyclist (again, I have over ten years' experience cycling on and around London's busiest roads and streets), you're the most vulnerable and squishiest thing on the road - act accordingly.  I still cycle daily with my SE535s and have never come close to an accident due to my impaired hearing - I hear sirens, etc, but not a lot else - and that's because I assume that no-one else is looking out for me, it's down to me entirely.  Awareness, defensive cycling, respect for those things that are bigger and heavier than me, that's my protection, not simply my hearing.
I'm not making any recommendations for what to use, only what works for me.  If you like to sail along on your bike without a care in the world, believing that all road users are looking out for you because you're special, then leave the 'phones at home, get a massive helmet, and pad up. Or try walking, that's good exercise too.

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