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Best Headphones for $100-150

  1. willpayne
    Hey guys. I'm looking for the best headphones that you can get for around $100-150… I listen to mostly hip-hop/dub/alternative/etc (mainly a lot of bass). I have a pair of Beats by Dre Studios (yes, I know, not worth it at all [​IMG]) and am looking for an alternative to those. Thanks, and comments are greatly appreciated!
  2. Achillesna

    From my experience I would have to say that the sr80i do not have "a lot of bass" as the op stated. I do believe that if you are looking for bass quantity you will not find it in the grado line. I have owned the sr60i, rs1i and listened to 80i, 125i, 225i, HF2. If you venture over to www.headphone.com you will be able to browse headphones in your price range. Most have a frequency response chart that will basically tell what they will sound like. Pick something that has a hump in the lower frequencies that also doesn't have a bump in the higher ones. Those will be the ultimate bass heavy headphones. They are quite good there with recommendations too.

    Just as a example I recently bought a pair of koss porta pros for $50. I wish i had looked at the frequency response first on that website though as they are far too bass heavy for me. I have to listen to them with the bass reducer eq setting on. They sound great though. I've tried all te beats headphones on display and am shocked how well my cheapo koss headphones compare. I prefer an open sound to closed though so I do have a bias.
  4. micrors4
    The Grados are more for rock as are most open-back headphones, you should look into something closed-back, you could mod a pair of Fostex T50RPs to get more bass out of them, plus they are suppose to be an amazing bargain and would be a good way to get into ortho headphones.
  5. willpayne
    I don't really want to mod any headphones… I'd rather just have some that I don't have to do anything to. Thanks though! Any other suggestions?

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