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Best headphones around $100 to $150??

  1. bobleb
    Hey all,
    I bought a pair of Kliptsch s4i headphones last year and really liked them, but my girlfriend borrowed them for a trip and now she won't give them back :) I'm looking to buy another pair, but wondered if there are better headphones to get for around the same amount of money.
    I'm also okay spending more than $150 if it's worth the price. For example, is it worth spending an extra hundred to get the Sennheiser ie 8?
    Oh, and I should clarify, I'm looking for in ear headphones.
  2. iarmstrong
  3. iarmstrong
    i recommended for you 
     Tekfusion - Twinwoofers In-Ear Headphones 
    JBL Tempo In Ear Headphone
  4. stevenlongs
    I thought there was a thread out there for newer people out there but I can't find it anymore. I am surprised to see that there aren't any
    I think you should start out by explaining what kind of music you listen to, and what kind of sound you expect from the phones. No one can 
    recommend you something to your liking with only a price tag, especially with something as subjective as sound/music. Details on current location could probably help with deals that may occur around your area.
    If you have time, maybe skim through the review thread, it helped me alot:
  5. iarmstrong
    sorry bob if i am wrong in my post, find out way yourself someone going out of pitch
  6. GigaFi
  7. Goofy145
    Where can you get the triple fi's for under 150$?
  8. GigaFi
    You can't, unless used, but he said he's willing to extend his budget. The TF10s are about ~175 on Amazon and well worth it.
  9. gv1256
    break up with said girlfriend. I give a vote for a pair of gr07s. You really cant go wrong with them for around 150.00
  10. dnullify
    Hey bob,
    Welcome to head-fi.
    There are absolutely tons of headphones within and beyond your price range, so in order to make a recommendation it would be helpful if you included some information as far as what you're looking for.
    What sort of sound do you like? (ie bass heavy, balanced, analytical)
    Music preferences?
    what you liked about the s4
    There is no objective way to suggest a "best" headphone in your price range, but rather one that may suite you better than others.
    I'd also check out this thread which is a great resource.
  11. eke2k6
    Yep, the IE8 is the natural upgrade to the S4 if you ask me. I wouldn't get the new IE80. I feel like it just ruins the magic of the original IE8
  12. JackSounder1
    I got these sick headphones from House of Marley. They are called Zion In-Ear Head Phones. Not a lot of people have these yet, I love my pair. Really good sound quality for in-ear, plus they look awesome. I think they are around $100. Hope this helps!!
  13. caracara08
    nice try house of marley employee! lol
    RochRx7 likes this.
  14. JosephKim
    +1. Ive been trying to find IEMs that match up to its overall sound quality and havent come close.
  15. JosephKim
    ^ Hm nothing like the s4 though if you liked them.. but youll be in another level of sound.

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