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Best Headphones around $100-150?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mattakramer, Dec 2, 2012.
  1. MattAKramer
    Just tired a ton. In general I was surprised how low the volume got on each of them through my iPhone vs my SE215s. I guess I really would need an amp.

    I thought the shure 750dj were incredibly uncomfortable. Didn't like at all. I tried the shure 840 and they had too little bass.

    I liked the m50 and dt770 pros about the same. Both sounded good and felt good.

    After all of this though I'm very underwhelmed. I think after reading all of the forums I was expecting to be blown away and I just wasn't.

    I tried the m50s through a preamp using iTunes and it was better than my iPhone but still not what I was expecting. I think I set my expectations too high.

    So this means I should either stick with IEMs or get an amp to use with these. Not sure what ill do. I really like how comfortable these were vs shoving foam in my ear canal but they may not be worth it for what I'll use them for.

    Anybody have any other recommendations or have had similar experiences? Was I wrong in assuming all of these should blow away my 215s, or is the issue that they would have if I would have used an amp?
  2. KCxSmacker
    The Shure se215s are great IEMs. They already sound great so expecting to be blown away was kind of a reach. Again though, what are kind of files are you listening too? are they mp3, FLAC, ALAC? That could make the difference with many headphones. Also yes an amp does help. 
    Another thing is maybe you just don't hear the difference like some do. Not everyone can hear the same way and maybe headphones in this price range are just around the same for you. ( comparing closed to closed and open to open that is) Nothing wrong with that. Did they have any high end headphones to try to see if you can hear a major difference with higher end gear? That could be what you need to save for next. But you wont really know until you hear some of them.
  3. zazex
    People do love them, they are overhyped, but very few people "can't stand" them.
    Because they're good all around headphones for most people and most types of music,
    well made, and attractively priced for what they are.
    They have plenty of bass but not as much as the DT770's which, I find, have far too much bass.
    It's just a deal killer for me.  Nothing against Beyer; I love my DT880's!
    I have not heard the Shure 750's.
    I have heard the 840's and 940's and like the 840's a lot in the price range.
    More than the M50's; but the 840's have a huge clunky headband and are far indeed from portable.
    For reference, the M50's are the maximum size I'd call 'portable'.
    You might want to try the Ultrasone 580's - they're well regarded generally.
    Though I've not heard them, I owned the 780's and 2400's - both were too bright for me.
    Just too much HF energy coming through them.
    I owned the M50's twice, and sold them twice. 
    My bottom line: good closed phones that simply never "wowed" me.
    Never disappointed either.
  4. MattAKramer

    I typically listen to spotify at 320 or mp3 ripped at 320. I think I may just stick with IEM for now as I don't really want to deal with an amp. The cable on my 215 is shorting out so ill have to get they repaired under warranty.

    Maybe next purchase ill look at the higher end ultimate ears or Heir models. Only downside is no way that I'm aware of to try IEM before you buy. I guess you just buy from somewhere the lets you return?
  5. KCxSmacker
    If you are talking customs yea I dont think you can return them for not liking them. I'm not sure. You may want to go to the IEM thread for more information. I know many of the high end custom IEMs have Non custom versions sometimes so you can hear the overall quality. I only own the 215s so I may be completely wrong. 0_o. If you have a cd lying around or something try burning with FLAC and see if you notice a difference or not. at some point audio does have diminishing return. You spend a lot for a little improvement. I think the multi driver IEMs would be well worth the money though. Another thing is that most of this higher end audio holds its value and you can sell it used for somewhat close to the retail here on the sale forums, ebay, etc. 
  6. Nachiket
    The ATH M50 wont disappoint you for around 130$...
  7. chrispyG
    Can't believe nobody has mentioned Grado SR80i....also can't believe they weren't even included on that poll for best under $200.
    Fantastic headphones and right on budget.  You can pick them up for $100 now....pony up another $50 and you can get into the SR125i now.
  8. Gleb

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