best headphone under 400 ?
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Oct 10, 2009
I just got SRH840 for about 2 weeks right now . I like their vocal and acoustic , but found them neutral for trance, electronic and Techno . I need more bass impact for those genres that I mentioned just now . I've listened M50 , their bass is superb compare to srh840 , impact is 20~30% more than Srh840 , but their vocal is not as good as Srh840 . When I listen trance, electronic and Techno with SRh840 , they make me fall asleep as they are neutral and bass light . I
'm not a basshead , but need a more fun and bass headphone .
So I need a new can.
1) I listen to many genres like [trance, electronic and Techno 65% of the time] , [soul,acoustic,classical,vocal 35%] 
2) I need the vocal quality(mids) of SRH840 and more bass impact (M50 bass is my minimum requirement) if possible. prefer more bass but wont cover vocal (hope you guys get what I mean).
3) isolation : any semi-closed/closed headphone will do
4) comfort - The bulky SRH840 is quite comfortable to me , but my ears get warm after 30~40mins of listening with their pleather pads , wish for more 'breathable' earpads like Beyer velour pads if possible.
I think I'll sell SRH840 and save up to $400 for a new headphone  , or headphone + amp  , as long as it is under $400.
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how about ultrasone pro 900 ? I can get it around 350 USD in Taiwan

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The Ultrasone are fine headphones, the only problem is you would get better bang for your buck with the Denons.Specially when you have a fixed budget.
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are Denons good at handling trance, electronic and Techno ? I've heard their WIDE soundstage are good for new age , but not so good with fast paced music trance, electronic and Techno
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The Denon's would be a more of an all rounder pair,which have a slight bump towards the genre you listen to.
The pace would not be a problem, but the Bass would definitely astounish you.
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I've heard about their astonishing bass ,  how much bass they have over M50 in % ? how about DT880 250ohm + Crossroad Edge? I can get them under 400 (bundle price) from local shop .
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I wouldn't know in percentage but will definately extend much lower then the M50'd mate.
The DT880's would be a fine option,not sure whether the Bass would be to your liking, from what I understand you would need more Bass.
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Hey, I've the same problem as you and have settle with this few cans:
Beyer DT880 250Ohm (Open cans = less deep bass)
Denon AH-D2000 (Recommended)
Grado SR225i (Personal pick)
I have the same main music preferences as you (trance, electronic & techno) and many other (classical, k-pop, pop,etc).
I would recommend D2K as they sounds good and has quite deep impacts.
Personally I like the sound of grado, they really sound good with rock, electronic and techno to me.


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