Best HD800 Amp
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Maybe the Stagedac together with a Concerto, if you have the space. They should sound slightly better than the one box solution.
I liked JaZZ's Symphony a lot. That's why i ordered a Concerto. Very pleased with it.

Ahh, a good suggestion, didn't notice the combination suggested at the bottom of his homepage.
Have sent another email, will see what the price for CORDA CONCERTO + CORDA STAGEDAC + HD800 would land on.
Going the separate route does sound smart, since you it adds a lot of flexibility.
The only takes more space in hight, the actual footprint is smaller than the Symphony.2!

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Speaking of Euro gear, I'm keen to read impressions on the Violectric amps.  There have been some initial positive reports on them.
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Speaking of Euro gear, I'm keen to read impressions on the Violectric amps.  There have been some initial positive reports on them.

I didn't particularly like the V100. I thought the GS-1 was far more transparent. I would peg the V100 on the same level as the Sheer Audio HA-006++ in terms of performance. It beats the latter in speed, but loses in soundstaging (too upfront). Anyways, for the price, I'd stick with an M^3/Dynalo with good PSUs, as both were clearly better than the aforementioned commercial offerings.
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Currawong – in own regional forums in Slovakia or Czech republic these German amplifiers are naturally spoken. How to say you the trueth. They are average quality and a lot of devices deliver you much better quality. The construction is, how to say it, not so good. In the website is the page „things to know“. Expect many incorrect information presented there, the balanced signal has the meaning when for each channel for positive and negative parts are „discrete paths“ in amp. This mean, completely discrete, this mean 2x more items then for single ended amp. See pictures of  HPA V181 or HPA V200 and then HPA 90 or HPA 100. Simply said, these devices are signle ended but „before“ inputs or outputs are used „phase splitters“ to „improvisate“ balanced connection, visual trick for people who do not understand things. This approach is totaly meaningful in terms of true balanced connection amps. Second mark, see the „main“ cable. What is connected and how it is connected. Other one, see how is solved power supply. And DAC? Expect demagogy about USB connection in „things to know“ page, the form of master clock and connection to DAC is, how to say it, miserable.
If I go to details, this mean, that general sound performance is poor, these amps does miserable soundstate, transparency, details, dynamics, with HD 800 there you listen brum, echo or noise. Stories about upsampling, oversampling are for small kids.
As I said, I am not „super expert“, I know people here who are thousand times better then I, but I only send you information from issues from own forums presented by true experts for amps. Different experts.
PS: You are very intelligent, what do you think, is my so spoken amp better as this one or not? The answer is trivial ... :)
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Currawong – I do not know what you want to say, absolute speculations, you mention about floof for something or you present total demagogy. I think I presented one reaction for your „issue“ BUT you NOT argue, you NOT present verification able facts, you only do personal attack. Present argumentation, write your idea clearly, this is the aim of head-fi, no one-sentence demagogy. When I said that Casea has excellent top quality components by the „most respected“ manufactures is simply said the characteristics of the approach used by producer which, I think, is absolutely right and expected. I personaly totaly do not want „musical“ device with „reputation“ but insight the box is miserable work, miserable components. Open Grado RA-1 amplifier and you will have health problems what is insight.
For you, when you own one of these CD players, the list is naturally not complete, open the box and see how are installed master clock, DAC and power supply. Do you know what you purchased, understand you what you obtained? If you see there Pierce oscillator there then you have three cases. First, sell this device inmediately, feel all is ok like id*****t, third, purchase serious complete DAC module to upgrade the sh******t insight.
The list:
[size=12pt]Denon DCD-700AE, Denon DCD-755, Denon DCD-1015, Denon DCD-2000AE, Denon DCD-700AE, Denon DCD-1650AR[/size]
[size=12pt]Sony CDP-XA7ES, Sony CDP-XA50ES, Sony CDP-XA30ES, Sony CDP-X202ES, Sony SCD-XA333ES, Sony CDP-X555ES, Sony CDP-XA5ES[/size]
[size=12pt]Marantz CD-17 mkII[/size]
[size=12pt]Vincent CD-S1.1, Vincent CD-S3, Vincent CD-S1[/size]
[size=12pt]Pioneer PD-S904, Cambridge Audio Azur 340C, Shanling CD-T100, Audio Azur 340C,[/size]
[size=12pt], C.E.C 2100, Advance Acoustic MCD-203[/size]
[size=12pt]Amber 3100, Philips CD 692, Technics SL-PA10[/size]
[size=11pt]Currawong – this is NOT floof, this is argumentation, facts about players. As I said, people do not understand what they purchase.[/size]

Please.  Just stop.
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SR-71Panorama  - I only presented the idea about sources and how the source does degradation of the sound from first point. If first step is bed, then the problem is traveling to the end. You can have best headphones, best amps, but if first step is miserable, every other steps can work only with the result of the first step. I can say you very serious info about these players and what is there the problem. A lot of people totally not know what they purchase, very big cut insight bag.
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neptius, since English doesn't seem to be your first language, I'll try to make this as simple as possible: I think you're wasting your time posting on Head-Fi, as your posts are not being received well.
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neptius, since English doesn't seem to be your first language, I'll try to make this as simple as possible: I think you're wasting your time posting on Head-Fi, as your posts are not being received well.

Ditto.  X2.  Agreed.
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If it wasn't for SR-71Panorama quoting neptius I would have missed his comments completely...the one hole in the "Ignore" function.

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Lets divert a bit then...
I forgot which thread, but someone who went to Canjam and tried a bunch of amps, including the TTVJ offerings, which tended to get rave comments, ended up buying the Woo 5, possibly LE.  There is the thought in mind that the LE + near-field suitable speakers would make for an awesome rig. That would more justify the cost of the amp, as it wouldn't just be for headphones.  It's one amp on my "must try" lists if I ever make it over to the other side of the world for a meet.
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Currawong– Woo audio 5LE is good device, good idea to try. It is relatively compact device and sounds well with HD 800. Woo 2 or 22 is completely  out of the performance for 5LE, but these amps costs much more. I prefer more solid amps, so there I have very good knowledge. TTVJ amps are very interesting.
MacedonianHero- I always hate populism and populists. If is better to say thing 1 (because people want to listen it) and after ten minutes it is better to say thing 2 (because again people want to listen it), after 10 minutes other thing, this is nothing useful for me and for many other people. Correct person say positive and negative things, what is objective. In common I say things which are true from red or blue position, in maximal order of objectively. That’s my approach. Other people naturally may prefer other approaches. See discussion about T1 and one solid amp.
SR-71Panorama– I think it is always very useful to say truth. If you are interested, I can write more details about it. If you have very detailed headphones like HD 800 and you apply very serious amp, then these CD players does degradation of the sound quality, lasts in dynamics, details, transparency ... The problem is that most of „consume“ devices are built for good looking price with written information how they „incorporate“ so enough known technologies, but what is insight, how the things are built, this is very rarely said. As I said, often people do not know how big cat is insight bag ... When they obtain true information, they do not understand why they dropped so enough money and the sound is ugly.
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neptius, since English doesn't seem to be your first language, I'll try to make this as simple as possible: I think you're wasting your time posting on Head-Fi, as your posts are not being received well.

Very simple and short said!

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So yesterday I got a mail from mr Meier himself with the following proposal:
CORDA SYMPHONY.2 silver + HD800 + shipping = EUR 1900,-
For someone living in Sweden and looking for a solid HD800 purchase, are there any good alternatives if you are looking to spend below 2.400 Euro?
From the discussions here I have become a bit sceptical to purchasing an DAC/AMP combo, but if the Corda Symphony .2 is good then why not get it!

I just received a price for the HD800+StageDAC+Concerto for almost the same price.
Any reason not to take go the separate route with both an AMP and DAC instead of the "all in one"-symphony?
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Perer – In your position, I have NOT interested on this combination. This DAC is miserable and concerto or symphony are average amps with average and chip components insight when HD 800 is excellent super high end model. As I said, my spoken amp with DAC with HD 800 costs lesss then your spoken solution. And the quality, simply said incomparing able better for my spoken device.

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