Best Grados for Punk
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Jul 28, 2011
I have been getting into punk a lot lately and find that I miss some of the edge that my old Sennheiser HD595s had with rock music before I started really getting into high end audio. I've doing some AB-ing between it and my current stable (LCD2 rev2s, LCD2f, LCD3f, HE-6) and though obviously the latter are "better", for punk I just love the in-your-faceness of the 595s and its hot treble. When it comes to that "in your face" feel I would put them over the HE-6 even though obviously they're inferior in basically every other way.
I've heard Grados are great for rock and tend to have a very trebly sound so I would like to give them a shot. I don't really care about soundstage that much really since punk tends to be not exactly be super well produced and I tend to like the stuff that has a rawer sound anyways. Huge energy and sounding subjectively good with punk is what matters to me (i.e. colored or not I don't care). The more detail the better of course as well but not at the cost of the previously stated requirements -- I already have the HE-6 for ridiculous detail.
To give an idea what I'm listening to: Nofx, (early) Propagandhi, Star Fawking Hipsters (replace the "Fawking" with the obvious if you're doing a search 
Budget is flexible though I'd rather not have to spend another $1-2k on a headphone for one genre if I can get away with it. But ya, flexible. Owning both a LCD2 rev.2 and fazor version is a bit excessive so I can sell the fazored version if need be.

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