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Best gaming mice

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by nickole, Mar 10, 2013.
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  1. pervysage
    If anyone is looking for some true classics with updated sensors, the following are available in the Asian market (don't know if or when they will come to North America):

    - Logitech MX518 Legendary (MX518 refresh with their latest HERO sensor)
    - Microsoft Pro Intellimouse (Intellimouse 3.0 refresh or basically a Intellimouse Classic with new gaming sensor - PAW 3389)

    I just got the Pro Intellimouse in today and it's awesome. Only took like 5 days to ship from Taiwan.
  2. cskippy
    My Top 2 as well. Good taste! :beerchug:
  3. JerkChicken
    Logitech G Pro Wireless reporting here.

    I absolutely love it! It is so light compared to my retired Corsair Void Pro m65
  4. rnath
  5. billbishere
    Glorious Model O here.
  6. RandomGuy
    Logitech Pro. The sensor is bar none but I think the form factor could be a little bigger for comfort! Heard good things about the wireless version too.
  7. pervysage
    If anyone is looking for a fantastic claw grip mouse, the new Endgame Gear XM1 is amazing.
  8. Christoph
    My current personal favorite is the
    Logitech Chaos Spectrum G900
  9. Orcworm
    I wish Logitech still made the G500 - had one for years until the scroll wheel eventually gave up. Should've bought a spare in retrospect, but too late now!

    The G305 has been good enough, but a wireless mouse with 3 side buttons in the same style as the G500 would be perfect IMO.
    Mizicke5273 likes this.
  10. Mizicke5273
    Yeah, what is with the new trend of lacking side buttons? I was looking for a replacement for my Logitech G700 and found nothing to replace it with. I ended up with a Roccat Kone AIMO to complement my G700. I use one or the other, depending on the game. Fast paced FPS, namely Overwatch until just a few weeks ago, I use the Roccat. RPG, MMORPG, or tatical game, G700.
    Orcworm likes this.
  11. Nev83
    Logitech G Pro nr 1, altho I really like the g305 with a little moding for weight reduction, it almost as good and its insane how cheap it is.
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  12. Orcworm
    Funnily enough, Logitech announced the G604 a few days ago: https://www.logitechg.com/en-gb/products/gaming-mice/g604-lightspeed-wireless-gaming-mouse.html

    Perhaps a contender for that G700 replacement after so long? Looking at the AIMO I'm not sure it has too much to offer in terms of an upgrade, though the ratchet wheel is always nice.
  13. Mizicke5273
    I see that G604 and also the G502 wireless. Book look like nice gaming mice. Glad to see they are getting back to nice designs!
  14. fourtwizzy
    I'm a fan of my razer deathadder elite
  15. ilovetoys
    g pro wireless for fps, g600 for mmo, g604 for moba/workspace/less efficient but wireless mmo
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