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Best Gaming Headphones.... With Poll? BUDGET: £100-£250

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by maltar7, Sep 23, 2010.
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  1. momomo6789 Contributor
    cd3k about 40-50 over budget but they are close. and much better then the above from the above i wouldn't buy
    HDXXX line all bad cans for gaming worst ss on the whole line.
    m50s didn't do good at all
    beyers didn't do good either but not badly only had 880/600
  2. maltar7
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2018
  3. maltar7
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2018
  4. Thommohawk

    Personally I have my music on the PS3 in lossless, I output that to the line in port of my PC soundcard and play via the PS3 music player....so the soundcard interprets the audio signal instead of my television.....and I have my headphones plugged into the soundcard also....and plus the Windows audio is bypassed obviously as are the many media players of varying quality and EQ's - the difference to my ear was phenomenal. Everything else being exactly the same playing the files through Windows media players is unbelievably poor and muffled. Especially on Windows XP. It's not as bad on Windows7 but still pretty terrible. Compared to that, setting it up so the PS3 plays the music instead the difference is you feel enveloped in the sound almost like you're in the studio. It's so crisp and clear because it's not being drowned by the shoddy that is Microsoft. Sometimes I think the only thing they do right is marketing and cornering markets for themselves, they're also not the most likeable as companies go - they riff from every competition going rather than innovate for themselves and yet they cannot stand it when someone imitates them. Anyway I assume the 360 is equally as good for audio playback under the same circumstances. Also not sure how people would get on using Mac's or Linux - I just know Windows audio playback absolutely stinks.
  5. Coupe
    The Beyer amp may or may not be sold separately.  Also it is probably 500+ pounds(money).
    The line in to your PC presents another gaming issue.  The line jack only supports 2 channels.  This translates into an improper decoding of Virtual 3d surround sound by your soundcard.  Unless the PS3 has some sort of virtual decoder built in.  Does it?
    AFIAK virtual 3D sound works like this:  The OS or game console is set to 5.1 or maybe even 7.1 (if the DAC can handle that) to the DAC.  The DAC translates the signal into stereo and uses the DSP to emulate the 3D surround sound experience.  I may not be 100% right in the actual implementation or terminology, but this is the basic idea, as I understand it.  The DAC can be a soundcard (as soundcards have a DAC built in, DUH [​IMG] )
    This is the ultimate gaming/movie experience.  To me, it is SO much better than typical speaker surround sound setups.
    Here is why I believe this to be so.  Unless you, professionally, set-up and tune your speaker placement and output, the experience can vary INCREDIBLY.  Also, if you do set up your surround sound it is centralized in one location.  Therefore, if you want to chill on your bed instead of your chair and play some video games, you will either have to readjust your speakers or just deal with the imprecise sound.
    So to have this ultimate gaming/movie experience, A DAC/Soundcard with a digital in (optical/coaxial) and virtual 3d sound processing is a must.
    Considering your budget and what it seems like you want, you could purchase the AD700s, which are a steal and a great value, and invest the rest of your money in a DAC.
    The DAC will be re-usable and part of your gaming config.  Then, you can invest in better headphones or an AMP in the future.
  6. maltar7
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2018
  7. Thommohawk

    I don't think it does, no. But I might be wrong on that one. Even so though with a headphone that has a decent soundstage even 2 channel output sounds a lot better and positional accuracy increases ten fold over basic television speakers which is what a lot of people use because they don't realize the difference enough to pay for it until they hear what headphones are capable of. Or of course they have surround sound 5.1 set up for themselves. Which is fantastic but not feasible for all hours or all times. But again it depends how much and at what times one chooses to game at.
  8. Coupe

    Believe it or not that Astro Mixamp is a DAC with the decoding ability and an amp.  [​IMG]  However, I don't know how good it is.  If you buy a true audiophile amp will it work with it?  These are question that I do not have the answer to and perhaps others can address this.  You have the AD-700s no?  As far as headphones you don't need to change those right now.  Enjoy and evaluate the experience that the Astro will provide and then perhaps you can make a decision from there.

    Definitely agree with what you are saying.  The 5.1 setup we are discussing is the virtual surround that the Astro will provide to the 2 channel headphone setup with sound stage.  Its truly amazing.
  9. ApplePie
    I don't know if this is the right thread that I should I ask about my sound set up for xbox360.
    Here is my problem,
    I am planning to buy akg k601(I think it's better than ad700 or is it better to have ad700 than k601?) and I will be using my Astro Mixamp for powering akg k601. I don't know if my mixamp can handle it or not. And I don't know if akg k601 have 3.5mm jack plus what mic would you recommend for using on xbox?
    I'm sorry if my English is bad. English is not my first language.
  10. Coupe
    Zalman clip on MIC.
    I'm not sure how to check the power output requirements.  Would like to know though [​IMG]
  11. ApplePie


    Thanks for the recommendation. Does k601 have 3.5mm jack?
  12. maltar7
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2018
  13. kool bubba ice
    If your preference is FPS the MDR F1 IS the headphone to get.. I also did a AD700/MDR F1 comparison blog on teamxbox.com. No headphone mentioned has the type of horizontal Width, length, depth of the MDR F1..(I owned the 701/AD700/DT880) Not by a long shot.. It's like mini speakers connected to your ears that projects sound that literaly surrounds you.. It has the best spatial ability & 3D imaging due to their speaker like design. The people who bought them based off my recommendations are truly amazed by them....I find them most effective for FPS games.. They are as close to bi aural as you will get for the price... They also have a inside ohm adaptive technology, so you get optimal sound out of any source.. 2nd for FPS would be the K290 surrounder. I also suggest pairing with a tube amp, you really add weight to the characters, setting, voices, & weapons.. Guns 'feel' heavy. Hard to describe in words.. But really gets you in the game..
    Mix amp/5.1 plus the MDR F1 would give you a sureal, jaw dropping speaker like experience.. COD2/3/4 etc.. The mix amp is a amp/DAC combo. You just plug a toslink cable to your 360/PS3 & to your mix amp.
  14. kool bubba ice
    AD700 VS Sony MDR F1 gaming review.
    By: Kool Bubba Ice
    08:04 PM PST
    Views: 1614
    Games tested.
    Bio Shock
    RE5 (demo)
    Area 51 2

    Sound stage-
    Both are wide and big. The difference between the two is Horizontal depth compared to vertical depth. The MDR F1 has much better L/R width, depth, and extension.. Not even close. The AD700 has a very impressive F/B depth, and feels more spacious as a whole. Plus it has a blacker, quieter background, Like a black void. It feels grounded compared to the airy MDR F1. But the MDR F1 gives you a holographic type presentation. With a personal sound field swirling around your head. Makes your gaming environment seems to pop up. Think of a triangle, the forward line is like a projector, but with audio. Very upfront. The AD700 is better in the forward position in regards to depth and space.

    Winner MDR F1.

    At first listen you'd think the imaging of the MDR F1 would be much better. It is to a certain degree, but is bland. It will give you 3d and holographic portrayal of the sound, but the AD700 makes better use of the image, resolving more detail and a better sense of what it is. Images are fleshed out very well with a nice amount of weight.

    Winner Toss up.

    This is the MDR F1 strong suit. You have a much easier time locating a sound that's in a general direction, especially the horizontally. Think of Maddens 'light bulb' features for QBs, and you will get an idea how much more field the MDR F1 cover. Think Manning vs Grossman. The AD700 are not bad at positioning. It's more of a design issue then anything else.

    Winner MDR F1

    Remember when I said in a general direction regarding the positioning of the MDR F1? The MDR F1 will let you know the location of the sound better due to it's wider scope, but the AD700 are more accurate once they 'see the light'.

    Winner AD700

    For the rest-
    Cohesiveness AD700
    Detail Toss up
    Bass MDR F1
    Clarity AD700
    Immersion factor MDR F1
    Mid range MDR F1
    Comfort MDR F1
    Bang for the buck AD700
    Special effect sounds AD700

  15. swbf2cheater
    the AD700 and the Mx980 are the best gaming headphones ive ever owned lol.  
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