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Best free audio software to stream Tidal in Windows 10?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Basshead Paul, Feb 1, 2018.
  1. Basshead Paul
    I use Tidal quite a bit, but I have my doubts about the sound quality produced by the actual Tidal app. Plus, I want to use an equalizer with the songs I stream from Tidal, but no equalizer is included in the app. I'm thinking it might be better to stream the Tidal files through separate audio player software. What do you think the best audio software is for use with Tidal streaming? I am on a laptop with Windows 10. I use an Audioquest Dragonfly Red DAC, which supports MQA.
  2. Music Alchemist
    It's possible to stream TIDAL with players like foobar2000, JRiver, HQPlayer, Roon, etc. Here are some examples:


    For system-wide EQ, I'd recommend the EasyQ parametric equalizer and VSTHost.

    If you just want to use EQ in your player, here is a VST wrapper for foobar2000 that you can use any VST equalizer (including EasyQ) with.
  3. saddleup
    I know you want free but JRiver is worth the price of admission and has an EQ built in.
  4. jerick70
    I highly recommend Roon, it's a dream to use.

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