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Best entry-level Planar Magnetic Headphones?

  1. AMG401
    So this has been something I have been looking into for some time now, and I cannot seem to get any definitive answer. I am looking into a set of planar cans that are around 200$ or less. I have been leaning towards the Monolith Monoprice M560's, and I also have been looking into the Fostex T50RP MK3. I just wanted to see what everyone else is using out there for around this price range, I am interested in buying a pair very soon. Also, I have already been recommended the Hifiman HE-4XX, but unfortunately I am not patient enough to wait 2-3 months before acquiring a set.
  2. Old Dirty Puppy
    All 3 of the headphones you mentioned are great options. If you don't mind modding the T50rp are amazing. The HE4XX is also an amazing value at it's price. If you don't mind buying used you can find some great deals on the for sale forums. I've seen monolith M1060 for around 200.
  3. serman005
    An M560 or a used HE400S would be my preference.
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  4. AMG401
    That’s what I think I will be leaning towards, they are 119$ on monoprice right now for a refurbed one. So that seems like an incredible value
  5. kukkurovaca
    If you go for the T50RP, make sure to factor in the cost of an amp that will drive them (if you don't already have one) and at a bare minimum, replacement pads. Walnut F1 is a good cheap amp at $30.
  6. JediMa70
    Monolith M1060
    HifiMan He400i
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  7. JvH26
    Hifiman HE400i as mentioned before, I bought a new pair on eBay a few months ago for only 180USD. Ridiculous for that amount of money. I bought them whilst I was waiting for another pair of headphones, but really enjoined them.
  8. AMG401
    I actually ended up getting a pair of of the M560's from r/avexchange on reddit. Depending on how these go I will see where I am at for planars. If not impressed I will definitely look into those Hifiman 400i. Also another thing, what is the difference between the 400i and the 400s Hifimans?
  9. AMG401
    If the m5060's are as good as I hear, I do plan on moving up to the m1060's. If I don't like them so much, then I think I will make the switch to the Hifiman's. Thanks!
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  10. JediMa70
    I had them both and I sold the Hifiman, what i didn't like about them, it's about bass line, bass are weak and altough they have a nice clear sound they are boring. Monolith in my opionion are better, better bass and overall sound is more funny
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  11. serman005
    I certainly personally would not characterize the HE400S as boring.
  12. JvH26
    I don't know about the HE400S, but for the HE400i I totally agree, don't exactly understand what would make them boring.
  13. buke9
    The 400i is more neutral than the 400S and the S has a bit more bass and the top end rolled off just a bit and a bit more body to the mids for me. Of the 400 line I like the originals most of all even with a bit of recessed mids they are fun when you throw a Watt or more at them though with grill and Sorbothane mods.
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  14. JediMa70
    I was meaning the HE400i from my reply, I don't know the HE400S but according to few reviews I've read you must be right
  15. MattFH
    The T50RP lack musicality in my opinion, and sound really dry and kind of dark. Soundstage is also nothing to write home about. (However imaging is very good.) On innerfidelity I think the Audio Technica ATH M50X is recommended as a better-sounding headphone, also with planar-magnetic drivers (updated version of a classic?), however it is closed.
    On this site you can actually compare the soundstage rating and see what it means to go closed in this case:

    It gets a 5.9, most are above 7. (But it's otherwise excellent there too.)
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018

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