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Best electric guitar reproduction : SR325i(s) or RS1 (non-i)?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kite7, Apr 1, 2011.
  1. kite7 Contributor
    Owners of both,
    which one do you believe is best at electric guitars? The SR325i(s) is the only prestige series headphone I have never owned so I'm curious.
  2. kite7 Contributor
    Actually disregard all SR325is, I compared one against my vintage SR125 and the SR125 easily produced the distortion better than the SR325is.
    That leaves for only the
    Black SR325
    Silver SR325
    Gold SR325i
    Silver SR325i
  3. rhythmdevils
    If you found your SR125 to be too bright/harsh as I read you say in your F/S post, you should run far away from the SR325 and don't look back until there is a good amount of distance between you.
  4. MD1032 Contributor
    The RS-1 is the top of the Grado line for a reason...it basically does everything better than the SR-325i.
  5. kite7 Contributor

    Are you sure there are no advantages to having an aluminum outer chamber opposed to a wooden one?

    I don't know if they have grown on me or the fact that they've been playing almost non-stop for one week on my cd player but they don't seem too bright anymore most of the time now; it's more bearable now.
  6. rhythmdevils
    I think the SR325 is punchier and more dynamic sounding then the RS1, it has a brighter, crisper, sharper sound.  but it's also really bright (I haven't heard the i version but I have no reason to think it's tamer)  Grado has a contract with the military and a substantial portion of their profits now comes from selling the SR325 for use in Guantanamo.  Supposedly it works better then any amount of shame or fear.
  7. Pianist
  8. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Doesn't the Grado ear needle violate the Geneva Convention?

    Just get the RS-1.
  9. estreeter
    I believe the treble on the 325/MS2 could be fixed, at least if the Bilavideo mods on the SR60 are any guide - unfortunately, unless its too early in the burn-in, initial impressions on the Symphones Magnum would indicate that its a bridge too far, even when you throw money at the problem. I'd really love to set Bill (Bilavideo) lose on a pair, with the proviso that he doesnt replace the housings.
    For the OP, just get the RS1 or RS2 and be done with it.
  10. MacedonianHero Contributor

    What these guys said. :D
  11. rhythmdevils

    It looks like it is but who follows the Geneva Convention these days?  It's so 1990 man you need to catch up to the 21st century!
  12. fatcat28037 Contributor
    I've owned the 325i and RS-1 and did some comparative listening. The RS-1 won hands-down across the board, they do everything better than the 325i.

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