Best Earphones for under $250?
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Jun 27, 2012
Hey guys! I need to find some new earphones for under $250 since my UE700's are dying on me. I listen to a lot of Hip-Hop/Dubstep/Drum 'n' Bass. Anyone have any suggestions? I have checked out multiple earphones such as the Westone UM2, etc... I just don't know which pair is right for me 
Thanks! and I'm new to Head-Fi so take it easy 

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using the same TWFK dual BA drivers there are the
DBA02 MK2.
i dont know how much bass you need, but none of these will be enough for a basshead
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the B2 are at preorder for $110
the R-50 at regular price are for $120
the dba mk2 and GR01 are about $170-180
as for other dual BA, you can check the westone W2 , tdk BA200 and sont XBA2
and i forgot the tank-built TWFK based ATH-CK10
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Awesome! Do you have any knowledge on the EarSonics SM2? One person is selling them for $150 and was wondering if that was a steal or not. you've been a big help and I couldn't thank you enough!!! 

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If those truly are your primary musical selections (and I support that) I second the Atrios recommendation.  Another line is some of the higher-end Monster series, which generally retail above what you're looking at but I'm sure can be found within your price range.  (And ignore what people say about them being laid-back... with something like D&B you don't need that degree of incisiveness to get the saxophone or accordion "just right," but you do need the "womphf" to get the bass full and satisfying - bass dynamics, as it's called around here.)  Possibly also the the new Aurisonics universals, which are winning people over quickly here.  As a general guideline for newbies, skip the BA (balanced armature) sets and go for the dynamic sets.  As long as you're paying above $70 or so, you are probably going to get enough "speed" to keep up with your general musical selection.  (For D&B, which is the "fastest" genre you have listed here - the one demanding the quickest and cleanest response from your transducers - I have in mind people like Alexander Rosson, Wilkinson and Netsky - yes, the "laid-back" Monsters or others like them are perfectly competent at this music, and will trump others that are generally considered better "hi-fi" choices.)
Read |joker|'s IEM review thread to get a short list, then look at the deals thread for IEMs (even going back as far as a month or so) and scour the internet to see what price you can get, then ignore everything you've read on this website and choose the ones that will give you most pride of ownership.
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Yeah... I'm sure the etys will do a GREAT job at hip-hop...

They do for me...
Ya gotsta have a good seal and deep insertion.
Something many never master. Sad Really.
Cheers, Jim

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