Best Earphones For Noise Isolation?
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Jul 7, 2005
My Etymotic ER-6i earphones have just packed in. I got through 3 sets and all 3 failed in one ear so I have decided to buy something different. I also owned Shure E2Cs which broke within weeks which makes me reluctant to buy Shures again.

The most important thing for me is to find the earphones with the very best noise isolation especially on planes. Sound quality is only secondary - I consider it to be much of a muchness and noise isolation is far more important.

I want to spend around £60 (less if possible) so wondered which people consider to be best for noise isolation.
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Shure has a pretty good return policy and it's 2 years. Go ahead and ship them back. Considering you have ER-6i and E2c you probably prefer more "budget" earphones, and E2Cs are good at sound isolation for their price.

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