Best earphones for house music?
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May 25, 2015
Hi. Do you guys have recommendations for expensive and cheap earphones (preferably in-ear) for house music? The best I've purchased are Klipsch's S4. The sound quality was decent but I'm sure there are other brands unknown to me that are better. I'm looking to buy expensive ones (but not too pricey...say under $300) and cheaper ones (under $80) for working out. I've sampled Beats, Bose, and Senheiser but none really appealed to me for the price. I feel like they're just commercial earphones and not so much specialty.
If sampling the type of music makes it easier for recommendations, feel free to see what sort of music i like on my soundcloud. ( I also like to listen to r&b and pop on occasion. I've found that earphones advertised for electronic music usually have too much bass and you loose other "textures." So maybe you can recommend something where I can hear the subtleties in my music as well? Thanks


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