Best earphones for classical, unamped?
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Sep 5, 2003
Hello there. Looking for some help.

Currently using Beyerdynamic dt660 and I'm a little underwhelmed. Sources are Galaxy S6 and iPod nano. I have no interest in using DACs and amps.

I listen mostly to vocal and orchestral work.

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Just a heads up, you'll probably have more luck with your request in the intro/recommendations forum.  Additionally, you should provide a little more information.  Are you looking for full-size but portable cans?  IEMs?  Same price range as your DT 660?
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Thank you for your contribution!

In fact I would be ok with full size or IEM, it doesn't matter. As long as I get the best performance for classical music unamped.

Budget I'd say between 100-500 dollars.

Are Ety still top for that?

About moving the topic guess I can't do that myself.

Thanks again :)

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