Best earbuds for under $25
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Nov 12, 2004
I'm new to this section of headfi. Whats a good cheap beater of an earbud? Are senns any good or are the yuin pk3s waaaaayyy better for a little more? Is there any other brand thats nice in this price range?
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i think you can get the jvc marshmallows or jvc air cushions for under 25$-i have the air cushions and i really like them
ultra comfy too
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Our SoundMAGIC products can fit your requirement, good quality but at affordable price. Never heard about SoundMAGIC? Please search "SoundMAGIC" in this forum and read the related reviews first.
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So you are looking for earbuds, not IEMs, right? The PK3 is waaaaaaaay better than stock buds, but haven't heard other buds, so I don't really know. But the PK3 is better than $30 IEMs I have heard.
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Even though it is slightly over $25, I'm a big fan of the Sennheiser MX760. The short cord/extension modular design can be somewhat annoying, but the sound is quite nice, not only for an earbud, but for anything in it's price range (to my ears). The soundstage in particular is quite surprising, as it seems to almost surround the listener in a way I have not heard in an earbud before. I have not yet tried the Yuin PK3, but here is a comparison of the two earbuds: here and here.

The MX660 might be closer to $25, but I find it to be quite the downgrade, especially in terms of treble quantity and detail, and it has a more recessed midrange. The culprit may be the volume controller, assuming that the MX660 and 760 use the same drivers.

There's also the MX460 and 560 which have a more prominent midrange (compared to the 660), but these are overall more congested sounding due to the much smaller soundstage, and are even less detailed.
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Seems like the OP is interested in earbuds, not canalphones, in which case theres no contest with the pk3

If he's willing to consider IEMs then for the same money as a pk3 its between:
ADDIEM ($35)
UE Metro.Fi 200v ($25)
Soundmagic PL30 ($23)
Altec Lansing UHP336 ($35)
JVC Marshmallows w/kramer mod ($12)
JVC Aircushions ($20)
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Cheapie with good sound: Sony MDR-E829V. You can get it at Wal-Mart, etc for under $20, comes with case, volume control (highly under-rated).

Senn MX-660 is very good also, with a wide soundstage and is right at $25.

I have the PK3, but don't listen to them as much any more because they are too strong in the mids and slightly recessed in the highs for my taste. I like a crisper sound.
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Originally Posted by Benaiir /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Actually, they suck. Biggest waste of $6

Did you put the foam pads on them -- gotta have the foam pads on all earbuds to make them sound good.

If you bought them for $6, you either didn't get the 829V, or you got a fake off ebay.
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X2 on the Sennheiser MX760, I use these to cut grass or wash the truck. Sound is pretty good for the price. I found mine at a TJ Max for $16. Im going out there tomorrow to pick up a nike basketball they had for $14 that retails for $48, if you want and if they still have some I can pick em up for you and then just paypal me if you'ld like. i can ship em for free from my job also. just Pm me, I'll be on my iPhone all day tomorrow while shopping with wife.

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