Best Earbuds for running?
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Aug 5, 2012
Hello everyone I am new to this forum. I am in market for new Earbuds that is good for running and doesn't fall of your ears. I have klipsch s4, s2, meelectronic m11 and all these I tried fall of my ears. I had these Earbuds I didn't buy them recently for running. What would you guys recommend and thanks.

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Aug 1, 2012
Ear tips do change for every IEM model. What IEM do you exactly have?
I have tried all the tips out there for my meelectronics m6. And I can say Stock M6 triple flange for isolation(might get itchy sometimes due to sweat but the best tips for sound quality with good comfort for me) , comply TX models (TX-400 for M6) for comfort (not advisable for jogging/working out since they get dirty fast), sony hybrid ear tips for both comfort and average isolation( It suits best for me when working out).
EDIT: I didnt read the thread exactly. I thought you are referring for tips for your IEM.
If you want good suggestions for a ear bud, ask the same in these threads. Thats the best bet.
Also, you need to mention your price range, your preference of sound signature (warm/bassy/analytical etc) to get a perfect one for your needs.
You can also get some suggestions from your thread and finalise one :)
PS: Ear buds do fall from ears when you dont get a good fit, try with the different ear tips provided with your IEM/try buying new ones if you are satisfied with the sound quality of your IEM.

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