Best ear tips for HIFIMAN RE-600, RE-600s and other IEMs
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May 27, 2012
Hello Everyone!
As many of you, I was struggling to find the most optimal ear tip for my HIFIMAN Re-600s IEMs. The problem with IEMs is that even if you have Hi-End IEM, the wrong tips will make it sound as a cheap headphone. And wrong doesn't mean wrong for all - one tip might fit really well for someone but really bad for others.
Non of stock tips didn't work for me - they gave no bass.
I found a silicone tip from other headphones that worked really well, but after 30 minutes my ears were aching. So I went back to my trusted Comply foam Ts-400 tips. With this tips I was able to find a specific angle for my ears that gave incredible amount of bass. If I was doing standard over the ear or under the ear the bass wasn't that good.
The only issue with this tips is they kill treble. I assume nozzles would almost close once the tips inserted into ear canal, so, lots of highs would disappear.
After spending quite some time looking for alternative tips I decided just to cut the nozzle portion of the tip. I was amazed with the result!! The bass and mids stayed as great as they were before and highs came back!!! It is already several days I can't take my IEMs down - they sound unbelievably good now. 

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