Best DAP with Tidal // Google Play for CIEM use?
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Mar 19, 2020
I use CTM-500Elite CIEM’s and usually listen on my Pioneer XDP-100r which is great but there is a little noise floor that’s annoying at times, and I mostly use Tidal to stream especially in offline mode

I want to upgrade new something new, I’ve looked at a lot of DAP’s out today’s and surprisingly few of them have WiFi and there for Tidal and Spotify, or am I wrong about this?

preferably I want to spend under $350 but can be swayed to go a bit higher if there’s a good case to make for it

manny suggestions?
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For Tidal I have a HiBy R6Pro and also use Qobuz but not Spotify but it is full Android so it will do them all. This is a bit over your budget but a R5 is in your budget range and is also unrestricted in apps and does MQA as well. I don’t have real sensitive iems so can’t say on the noise floor the most sensitive I have are 16 ohm and 108 dB but I’m getting older and my hearing isn’t as good as it was but still no noise.

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